Resonant Career Guidance For The Professionals Now Available Online

Career is a continuous phenomenon that spans for the better part of the entire life! Most of us enter our career as a nascent youth who is inexperienced and tries to learn the most from the situations. As the time progresses, we get into the boots of an experienced incumbent and get adept to the requirements. However, at the end of all the efforts’ pooling, the success is determined by the overall satisfaction towards the ultimate achievements made by the individual incumbent/professional.

Have the ‘in service’ career guidance and make the zenith!

It is rather bad irony that large numbers of workforces who have remained engaged in different positions feel that they could have done better! The ‘in career’ maneuvering and precisely the decision making is the real determinant of the final fruits and heights that the person achieves in his working capacities. Career counselling for working professionals is therefore now sought by increasing numbers of heads who want to make their ambitious aspirations a success. Some career counselors have specialized them as the guides for the ‘in service’ professionals. Theirs task is to aggregate the resonant information and opportunities that are emergent in the respective fields of specializations. They offer their counsels as experts and the seeking professionals could leverage the options that are available for them in real time.

Seek the best counsel online –

The orientation of the counseling offered by such experts could be of different dimensions. They could guide the working professional to get engaged in resonant ‘continuing education’ program so that they could gain more demanded certifications and eligibilities towards their chosen field of specialization. The continuing education could be had either through the distance education mode (like the MBA) or through the online courses that are available from the ease and suitability of one’s own ambiences anytime anywhere.

Separately, career counselling for professionals also guide them to have the switching and thus move to a higher echelon in a different service organization. It should be noted that many professionals seek switching avenues after 8 – 10 years of initial experience and there are many who opt for changing careers in 40s as well; the switching generally offers them better positions and fatter pay scales. But the inconsistency that emerges out for the working professionals is that they are seldom in position to reach out to the counselors to have the good advice in real time; most of the professionals are time crunched! Career counseling websites offer the solution for this problem and serve the best escorts to the seekers who could then develop their wise decisions and make hyper advancements at a rapid rate!


Look Out For A Resonant Career After Education Through Customized Counseling Services

While career choices have mushroomed in the last decade, the ability of the individual student to grab the same is a tough and intricate task. The learned student passing out from graduation or PG often goes through career confusion when the decisions are to be made. Plus the cut throat competitiveness quotient in every specialization has made the task no less than a challenge. Many a time it is found that the student which is otherwise eligible as an educated fellow makes a wrong career choice and then after a year of so finds himself inconsistent in the acquired field of service. It is here that the significance of career counseling emerges out as a notable one. Unless the student is guided and counseled for the right choice of after graduation courses, there are probabilities that he may end up in void; and hence no resonance with success!

More choices now available after higher education

Counseling for career options after graduation has therefore become the sought after service in the educational domain. Moreover, the web has emerged as a dynamic interface to have the best of career counseling after graduation and post-graduation by giving the appropriate advice about what to do after graduation or which courses after graduation should be opted. It should be noted that the graduation level career differentiation has increased multifold in the last 8 – 10 years; with finer specializations emerging to offer bright options to the minds of caliber. Actually the industry and services sectors have developed differentiated categories and these exert HR pulls in the higher education spectrum. The academia has responded brilliantly too to offer the same. However, what about the critical gap in the student’ awareness; such that every one may not know about the availability of the emergent choices that could be fruitfully adopted as the life time career option of true resonance.

The role of online career counseling post graduation –

The career counselors are leading the seeking students to their best suited careers so that they emerge as the victors in their life. The role of web based career counseling gets prominent because the best counselors could be reached by the student who may not be able to get to him physically. The time loss is also averted and more of the counselors could be consulted to arrive at the final decision. More students are now choosing bright careers in the first attempts and getting well settled with heavy pay packets and esteem.

Career Guidance Is a Smart Choice For Professionals

There are many Professionals, who after doing a job for a couple of years feel the need to change their field. Is it normal that one feels the need to change their career? Professionals may feel the need of change of career even as late as at the age of 40s. And it is perfectly normal to do so!

Why does one feel the need to change their career?

The reasons for changing career at the age of 40 are very subjective in nature. The Indian education system allows the student to choose a career around their graduation. The career choices at this age are made mostly by peer influence more than understanding of one’s interest. After graduation, it is possible that one has not analyzed the career opportunities carefully and is not happy to continue with the same choice later in the life. At the stage of graduation, when students choose their careers, though it is advisable to reach out to career counseling, the students hesitate to approach the career guidance centers.

At the age of 40, the professionals realize they could have made a better choice and chosen some other career option instead. One feels that there are better monetary and growth opportunities in fields which he has not yet ventured. It is not very late now too! If there is limited career progression, too much of job pressures as against the monetary benefit, change of interest due to course of time, the professional may feel the need to quit the job. One should learn from the experiences and if required should go for career counseling for working professionals.

Career Counseling for professionals

Career guidance for working professional is important to ensure that the same situation doesn’t reoccur at the later stage in the life. It is not possible to change career frequently like one change their clothes. This decision should be taken after critically evaluating the interests and the job opportunities available. The career counseling firms offer a scientific and systematic approach to analyze the need of career guidance for professionals facing a midlife career change dilemma. There is no time for a trial and error method at this age and so it is a smart choice to opt for good career counseling center.

Online Career Assessment

Online Career Assessment Test deals with appearing a test consisting a set of questions using tools like psychometric with the objective of guidance  to a decision of a lifetime.

And the test is online. The advantages of appearing the test online are as below:

  1. Since the test is all about one’s natural parameters, one needs to be relaxed. Where is anyone most comfortable? One’s own home. Hence, the first advantage is giving the test in the most comfortable atmosphere ie one’s own home.
  2. Since the intention to appear for a test is somewhat un interesting, but with the medium being interesting viz online, the comfort level of the New generation is utmost and complete. Therefore, the sincerity also goes up and the test results are more than accurate.
  3. Making an effort to specially go for a session of a test, is also somewhat priority based. But if it is online, that means, there is no need to prioritize an outdoor work over this. Therefore, online test becomes dependent free when it comes to the student actually taking the effort to go to the counselling centre
  4. You can save the time of the tenure of the test. Because, what follows after the test is a generation of report, and then comes the counselling part.

Some of the precautions that you need to take while giving the test is to ensure that you give the test with complete integrity. External tools like paper pencil or calculator should be completely avoided.

Careerfutura has a unique online career assessment test  for students right from 8th to Post graduates and professionals.

This online test is unique in terms of the parameters that are covered before giving out firm career recommendations. Aptitude, Personality, Interest and Study habits are some of the parameters, apart from many.

The report followed by the test has explanations, improvement methodologies and career recommendations, complete with course and college information.

The final session of guidance is also customized well according to the needs and comfort of the customer. The guidance can happen on the phone, in person or through skype.

The experts guiding the customers are also experienced and qualified to interpret the report of the online career assessment test.

Important pillars and parameters of a career decision is what forms the components of the online career assessment test.

What Do We Offer:, precisely checks for these parameters while recommending careers to students of 12th standard. An online career assessment test,  a detailed 32 page report which is simple to understand and interpret and virtually a counsellor within 10 km for every student in 38 cities, careers from a huge databank of 25000 courses, careers and colleges, completes the wish list of every student of this country.

Want to explore what to do after 12th?

Want to explore what to do after 12th? Not sure about the correct path?

 Don’t worry. You have already made a step forward by rightly choosing Science/ Commerce or Arts stream. Majority of the students have a dilemma about right career after 12th grade. As this is an important milestone of your professional training, take out a time, go for a professional career counselling and make an informed choice!!

What can counselling achieve for you? Professionals will discuss range of topics with you to gauge your personality, natural aptitude, interests and importantly, motivation. The counselling makes you aware of different career possibilities and their prospects, help you identify your strong points and can guide you to overcome your weaknesses.  Typically, following are some of the basic questions that are being asked to a student during such tests are:

  1. What interests you most?
  2. Do you have goals? What would you like to become?
  3. What according to you are your strengths? Can you give examples?
  4. Which is your favourite career field and why?
  5. How is your academic performance?

Through such focused discussions, you will get an idea of what do you want to pursue and what are your likings.

For example, here are some of the professional career options after 12th:

Science Stream

Does calculation interests you? Or do you have lot of innovative ideas? Or do you think objectively? Then go for pure science subjects and become y6yta mathematician, doctor, engineer or a research professional. Is mathematics not your entire comfort? Then life-sciences, Pharmacy will be right choices for you!!

Commerce Stream

Do you enjoy number crunching, data analyses? You can surely think about banking, finance, insurance or accountancy as prospective career paths for you after 12th. The employment comes relatively quick with these types of professional trainings!

Arts Stream

Do you have interests in various culture, human nature and society, languages, dance, designing, photography, painting, articulating yourself via writings and so-on? Guess what, there is a range of professions waiting for you. For example, you can be a successful linguist, economist, a media person, a journalist or can work in tourism, social service or print publishing sectors. Needless to say, you can also be a job creator than just a job seeker.

Students fear trying out new things as they are unaware of employment possibilities and trends in the job markets. The counselling will help you choose right course of action. All you need to do is to take a step forward!!

Going for a career counselling after 10th is a smarter move!

Finished with your 10th board exams? What next? Believe me you are one of those 90% students who are in same fix! Very very normal concern for those who care about their career!  Let’s make it simple! Go for a career counselling after 10th.

Choosing a right track at right time will leave a long lasting impact on a student’s life. At the age of 16, you are full of energy and enthusiasm, willing to conquer all the highs and when your dictionary doesn’t have the word impossible. Focusing on one stream becomes most difficult. But not to worry, some of the career guidance programs along with professional career counsellors will make it easy for you.

In your life, there are two major things, one is your career and another one is your interest! Think, what will happen, if your interest becomes your career? Then success is an obvious outcome. Career counsellors are going to help you in finding that right career stream, which is your major interest.

Main streams available after 10th:

Three streams that you can opt after 10th boards are: Science, Commerce and Arts.

Science is the stream that offers lucrative career options after 12th. Engineering, Medical science, and Pharmacy are the main career options offered by this stream.

Arts stream is mainly known for the wide variety of exciting opportunities. Some of the gripping career options in language fields as well as in arts, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and tourism field.

Commerce stream guides your career towards trade and business. This stream is increasingly chosen by lots of students these days, as it offers early employment and ideal for beginning of entrepreneurship.

Students from any of above streams can also pursue their further studies in management, fashion, law, textile, social work, library science, Journalism, fashion, Media and tourism too as per their choice.

Besides this one can have the other options also like Diploma courses (Textile, Engineering, leather, paint, Education etc) and the ITI courses, which can offer an early employment to the candidate

How to choose the correct one?

Best choice in my opinion will be the stream that you like the most. If you turn your liking into career, then the work will become amusing.

And the obvious question is how to find out that predilection? The answer is Career guidance after 10th. Seek professional help and you will find the answers you have been seeking in a right and systemic way.


Several times in our clinical interaction with students and parents, I have had instances of students understanding, comprehending and grasping study material well but not able to perform equivalently well in examinations. Upon contemplation, several general and specific factors come to the forefront.

Performing to the best of one’s ability is important as admissions into good colleges and schools depend to a large extent on the scores on your report card. There is still time before the main exam that each student can work and eliminate every single determinant of poor performance. With board exams round the corner, we take note of all factors that may in one or several ways affect performance in exams.

Working on the following pointers will not only decrease exam anxiety but will also boost confidence such that each child can perform to the best of their ability. And this also leads to a much clearer vision on career options after 12th

  1. Environmental Factors

Who knew that the environment whether family, school or college, social and experiences can drastically affect a child’s performance?

  • Family Environment

The way a child is reinforced at home shapes up his mental attitude towards studies, exams and life. If parents continuously reinforce over-competition, pressure, comparison and always-winning attitude, children take these as the way to live. They are in a mode to prove these to their parents all the time. Additionally, there is fear of punishment and rejection which creates anxiety and low self esteem in them. Most children try to do well to please their parents nonetheless. This however, deteriorates the child’s actual potential and flair.
If the child is living in a healthy family environment with supporting and nurturing parents, students are more likely to obtain good grades. Most children try to do well to please their parents nonetheless.
Pressurize them but only to beat their own records and that too with a supporting attitude.

  •  School or College Environment

School/ college is the place where students meet other students and teachers who come from diverse backgrounds and bear varied experiences upon them. If the school or college environment is the one that focuses and encourages all round development of the pupil or if it strives to help students by preparing them at a young age to tackle the unknown has a bearing on the child’s performance. As it teaches them life skills that can assist them and it too plays a vital role in a child’s life and growth. The kind of people their classmates and teachers are, affects the performance. The way they are treated by their teachers or professors also affects their performance. If the students are highly motivated by the teacher or the teacher is the one that inspires, students try to perform well in an attempt to be like the teacher. Similarly, the attitude of teachers and principal towards exam will impact children’s attitude too.

  • Individual Experiences

Whether these experiences come from interacting classmates, teachers, parents or family members, it invariably affects the child as a whole. Avoid being surrounded by negative people and circumstances that will de-motivate you and impact your performance.

  1. Faulty Study Habits and Learning Methods

Most students usually follow faulty learning methods such as rote memorization, studying one night before examination, not preparing own notes, huge dependency on coaching classes, not revising the matter taught in class the same day, etc. This impacts their notion of studies as a whole. They tend to develop dislike for most or specific subjects and this apprehension in turn affects their attitude towards studies and exams as a whole.

Employing the right study habits will make studies and exams a very enjoyable experience altogether.

  1. Differing Interests

We all have varying interests. Interest affects what we will enjoy more when compared to others. The best way to perform well in exams is to identify your areas of interest in different subjects and among various subjects. This will help you know where you can give more thrust. If you follow this methodology, you will not only cherish studies but will also save yourself from the attitude of avoiding it. However, this does mean that you can totally avoid areas of disinterest. To score well, you need to strategically plan your studies to incorporate everything.

  1. Ineffective Memorizing Methods

Our course and syllabus especially for board exams is quite vast. To be able to remember everything and reproduce it at the time of examination is a task. This seems difficult but is not impossible. Use of memorization techniques will help you to cover up everything in the most effective way possible. Most toppers have reported its effectiveness and need always.

Several psychological studies have been conducted. And several memorization techniques have been derived based on these studies. Ideally, the best way to remember any type of material is by using Mnemonics or developing associations. These techniques are best to remember subjects like Science, History, Geology, Geography etc. Students are either unaware of these techniques or think that they are time consuming and ineffective. However, they don’t realize that for these techniques to show results one needs to use them right from the beginning of the term and continue it right through exams also.

  1. Health Matters

It is important for students to ensure that they get enough rest, eat a balanced diet and most importantly exercise. It is important that you sleep in time, eat properly and exercise, if you wish to perform well in the examinations because both the body and the mind need to rest to function to its maximum potential. This is another reason that affects the performance. Lack of any of these three aspects will impact mind-body coordination and this will in turn impact performance in examination.

Therefore, it is important for us to help children realize their mistakes and assist them in their preparation in the best possible manner we can. Especially, if we can help them to improve their grades and get them interested in a subject that they dislike, by highlighting the fact that it is actually easy once you are clear about the concepts and have the basics in place. We need to make them realize that the only way to overcome their fear of the subject and to memorize the formulas or chemical compositions is through practice.

As Jaspher Kantuna rightly noted, “Practice as if you are the worst, perform as if you are the best.”

What Do We Offer:
Careerfutura is counseling and Assessment Company, providing informed career based guidance to students from 8th standard to graduation/professional level. It helps students gain insight into their inner strengths like aptitude, personality, multiple intelligences, adjustment levels, learning styles and interest areas such that students can make wise career and personal decisions.

Balancing Academics and Social Life

With exams round the corner, another academic year coming to an end, balancing tuitions, friends, extracurricular activities and exams becomes a task for children. Not to mention the amount of pressure to perform well and to spend time with friends while we still can before we all go our separate ways or get buried with books all over again are how most students feel at the end of every year. All of this tends to be overwhelming for students sometimes and makes them feel like a balancing beam trying to please everybody and themselves. In situations like these the stress levels are usually at their peak levels and students are at their wit’s end trying to juggle all of this. It is times like these that spending time with friends relaxes and also calm’s one down and then take an informed decision on what to do after 12th.

There are simple steps that students can avail off to prevent their balance beam from tilting or getting heavier such as these simple steps can eliminate the chaos that students experience at this time of the year.

Step 1: Prepare a To Do List

Students can prepare a list of all the things that they need to do for instance a project that is due next month, a test due tomorrow, assignments that are due at different times during the week or a power point presentation that is due on Monday or if you have a party to attend too the following day while an assignment that is due the next day. Once they have listed out all the tasks with their deadlines they then need to sort out the tasks that are important.

Step 2: Prepare a Calendar

Once they have all the tasks along with the deadlines, then preparing a calendar comes into play. In the calendar you can make a note of the tasks that are due alongside the date. This will give you a clear view of the tasks that have to be completed and by when.

Step 3: Prepare a Time Table

When you have a lot of tests or exams in the coming week, it is probably a wise decision to prepare a time table for the purpose of allotting time for each subject. That way you cover more portion within a small amount of time.

Step 4: Learn to Prioritise

It is said, “Experience is the best teacher”, meaning that what you learn via experience is a lesson learnt well and are sure to remember it too. In chaotic situations such as this you learn the skill of priotising well as you are pushed into a corner and need to learn how to manage the entire tasks at hand. It is common sense that the tasks that are due later in the current week or tomorrow need to be completed first and as soon as possible. For instance, if you have an assignment that is due tomorrow and a party to attend to today, it’s obvious you will have to cancel attending the party.

Step 5: Formulate a Plan

You need to plan for the worst-case scenario. For example if you have a test due tomorrow but you have to attend a get together that you cannot get out of it is understood that you have to have finished preparing for the test or if you fall sick the previous day it would have helped if you were held way through your preparation.

Step 6: Time Management

I’m sure you’ve come across these words quite often so I assume that you know what they mean by now. Nevertheless, to jog your memory, you need to make use of the time that you have wisely if you wish to get all the tasks done in time. For instance if you had to go for a football practice for the match tomorrow and you had an assignment to submit tomorrow itself then if you have managed your time well and completed it way before its deadline then you wouldn’t have to sit down with it immediately when you got home from practice thus you would have got the rest that you would need to perform well in the game tomorrow.

 Step 7: Refrain from Procrastination

Along similar lines of time management is procrastination. It means that if a task is given it is preferable to begin with the task rather than putting it off for another time and then realising that you should have done the task at the time instead of postponing it for another time. For example if you have a project submission tomorrow and a family get together to attend today, if you had worked on it at the time it was given to you and managed to finish it by now you could attend the get together. If not then you would have to finish it in a hurry, if you weren’t able to get out of it.

Step 8: Be Organised

The best and only way to make both ends meet is by getting organised. For example; If your room is not organised get it organised by reserving some time from your busy schedule for this task. Remember that if your room is not organised finding things when you want them will be difficult therefore it will hinder your task completion as well.

Step 9: Interact with Friends

To be able to make time for your friends is easy as it is only you and you can move things around to accommodate them. But what is the use if your friend is unavailable at the prescribed time hence you need to find out from your fiends what their schedule is like because if you are so busy it’s only obvious that they too will be busy. So make sure you find out when exactly all of them are free so that all of you can meet up at the same time and spend quality time with them while you all still can. This will also help you to plan your schedule to accommodate everyone and also ensure that you finish your tasks in time.

Step 10: Inform Each Other

Apart from communicating your plans it is equally important that you inform each other if there are changes in either of your plans by calling if possible or sending a text message is also fine. If some other plan comes up that you cannot get out of when a plan has already been made, make sure you inform all the individuals concerned and come to a solution that everyone concerned agrees with. Remember that your friend also has plans, has a life and is not just sitting around and waiting for you so that you can do as you please and not inform them. If you insist on going through with this type of behavior you are bound to lose that friend for lack of consideration on your path. Don’t be surprised if your best friend chooses another friend over you simply because you don’t value their time and effort.

Step 11: Try and Stick to the Plan

If possible always try and stick to the plan at all times, as this will make your friend’s appreciate you, your time and your effort. Apart from this your friend will be more than happy to hang around you more often and this will strengthen your bond of friendship with them. Trust me when I say that these are the type of friends you would want to hang around with in the long run and you are most likely to count on in times of trouble, so choose your friends wisely. People aren’t fond of individuals who keep making excuses whenever a plan has been made and implemented, they would rather hang around people who value them, their time and their effort.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you make time for your friends, family and yourself thus reducing the stress levels and maintaining a balance without utter chaos. Therefore your entire year will go smoothly and you will be able to have fun and cherish the moments that are of importance to you.

What Do We Offer:
Careerfutura is counseling and Assessment Company, providing informed career based guidance to students from 8th standard to graduation/professional level. It helps students gain insight into their inner strengths like aptitude, personality, multiple intelligences, adjustment levels, learning styles and interest areas such that students can make wise career and personal decisions.

Pointers to keep in mind before choosing your course and college after 12th!

The hype around finishing school and going to college beats all forms of excitement among students universally. However, 12th standard board exams being a deciding equivalent for colleges across India pushes focus of students towards getting high scoring marks. College life is a fancy buzz word in the mind of students passing 12th, but the myriad of course and college options often puts everyone in a fix.

There emerges a very important question. After 12th what. While some students seem quiet focused and aim towards entrance exams and top colleges knowing what they have to achieve others are on the back drop of which course or college would be best for them. Everyone hopes and wants the best for themselves. There seems to be a sea full of options some of which are:

  1. Stick to what you have chosen: you decide to remain in the stream you chose and build a career in the same line. For example: If you have chosen Arts with Mathematics, you look for all degree or professional courses via the same selection.
  2. Change you stream & make a shift: In the course of your 2 year higher secondary, you realize that you are either not meant for the field or you have absolutely no interest in it. If you had kept a wide range of options open for yourself by making a wise selection of subjects, you can very well consider changing the stream. For example: A science student with mathematics and statistics is eligible for various degree/professional courses from commerce and arts stream in India. A commerce student with mathematics can go for both educational/professional courses from arts as well. However, explore eligibility criteria for various colleges before making any decision.
  3. Consider Professional courses: A professional course is a course that leads to a professional qualification. A professional qualification will entitle u to register with a professional body like the Institution of Engineers, Medical Association, Association of Chartered Accountants, etc. Some of the well known professional courses are: Engineering, Medical, Para medical, Hotel Management, Law, Design, Fine arts and commercial arts, Management, Mass communication, etc.
    The respective professional body conducts entrance exams which one can clear for direct entry into the course. Any 12th pass student can consider these professional courses lest you meet the eligibility criteria for the same.
    These courses are lucrative and they offer good career opportunities. Competition is tough however as there many takers of these. For example: At all India level, there are only 26 colleges giving admission into Hotel Management degree courses. Many seek admission into these colleges. But if you get through and successfully complete the course you get straight entry into 5 star hotels in India or abroad.
  4. Prepare for entrance exams: Many universities use entrance exams for admission into a course. Apart from meeting the cut off criterion, they include entrance exams for selection as many students apply for it. Also, if you want entry into armed forces you have to prepare yourself for NDA exam. Entrance exams require rigorous preparation and in-depth planning right from 12th standard itself if one wants to clear it.
  5. Look out for vocational courses: Vocational courses can offer excellent career opportunities as well. Courses like Event Management, Disc Jockey, Radio Jockey, Travel and tourism can take you to heights of success ladder very soon if you acquire niche.

So now we have understood the various possibilities for students after completion of their higher secondary exam. But zoning into any one again becomes the cause of worry for most students and parents. This may be because of the following reasons:

– Students not aware of their actual strengths, capacities, area of interest, personality dimensions
– Percentage does not meet eligibility score of desired college
– College or course of choice not available at desired place of study
– Entrance exams have not proved to be fruitful
– Budget.

This list could be endless. However, one thing which is quiet evident is that the above situations arise due to lack of scientific data to back up information on why one wants to choose this course or that. Here, by scientific data I mean evidence to seal what is known and what is not.

So, what can provide us the scientific data upon which we can rest our decisions such that the end result is not frustration and failure but career success and happy smiles?

In this connection, experts have listed the career development cycle which says there four stages to making sound career decisions:
Know yourself: Get a scientific analysis done of your skills, aptitude, interests, personality, etc.
Explore possibilities: On the basis of data obtained from analysis, sit with a expert career guidance expert and list down possibilities for you.
Make choices: Boil down to the best choices for you. Set goals, develop a plan and address barriers.
Make it happen: Go with all strength and grandeur and put your plan into action to achieve your goals.

Now, how could you use this cycle for making the best choice for yourself?

  1. Take the Careerfutura online assessment test to pool in your real strengths and weaknesses.
  2. With our counselor, pick up the courses that match your aptitude, interest, personality. Explore your strengths.
  3. Make an action plan to go about achieving what you have chosen. Face success and failures healthily.
  4. Put your action plan into full swing and get going.

This process ensures that you have taken scientific information into consideration for coming to a decision. It rules out chances of failure as you addressed them way ahead in the planning stage. In-depth discussion with counselor build confidence and you are more attuned to knowing yourself better.

Out there, is a whole world of choices that handicaps your decision making ability. And this is quiet natural. However, if you go by the scientific way chances are bright that you rule out possibilities of failure and frustration. Success comes to those who make informed career decisions.

Do connect with us to know more about how you can avail our services.

All the best!

What Do We Offer:
Careerfutura is India’s largest career counseling and assessment Company, providing informed career based guidance to students from 8th standard to graduation/professional level. With its unique assessment modules, it helps students gain insight into their inner strengths like aptitude, personality, multiple intelligences, adjustment levels, learning styles and interest areas such that students can make wise career and personal decisions.
While choosing the right career for students, the proprietary career recommendation engine i.e., omniscan, also considers influencing variables like budgetary concerns, demography, market opportunity, eligibility, etc.

Girija Nair, is a multifaceted professional with experience span of over 26 years in the highly complex verticals of IT, Telecom, ITES, Ecommerce. She is well versed with the current confusions and dilemmas faced by the students and professionals with the education system, its applications, in adequacies and the solutions. She is one of the Directors of Careerfutura, and is an international consultant with GLG, Austin. Apart from being in highly responsible positions at, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocom, Reliance Retail, Vodafone, Philips, Cadilla.  She plays a pivotal role in counselling students for career after 12th.

Career Confusion

Choosing the right career can be a daunting task for a student passing the 10th or 12th standard examinations. Unless he is extremely determined towards a career path, it is an awfully difficult process to find the right career. There are many reasons behind this predicament.

The first and foremost is the dearth of information about possible career options that the student can pursue. Second is psychological pressure from parents, well-wishers and friends. Third is the fear of choosing the wrong career path and then getting caught in the vicious circle of disinterest and the need to earn a living. All these reasons lead to career confusion, a syndrome often seen in 9 out of 10 students.

A student getting the right career counselling after 10th is probably in a better position to understand the career options lying in store for him. A career counsellor often checks the student’s aptitude and then suggests relevant career options. This provides “best fit” solutions to the student and gives him a better chance to succeed in the chosen career.

Out of the number of career options after 12th, the most suitable ones are those that are based on the personal likes of the student. Students today are overtly attracted by supposed “well paying” career options. But most have either no aptitude or no passion for such career choices. But just because one of their friends has chosen it, they become inclined to choose them as well.

Out of the majority of students who ask themselves (and their near ones) the question – what to do after 12th – some are clever enough to seek professional help in the form of career counselling. Due to the emergence of newer and more exciting career options that students can pursue, it is difficult to keep track of every one of them. This dilemma can be solved by taking the help of a career counselling session.

Career counselling helps clear career confusion since it suggests the best options to the students depending upon their aptitude, likes and interests rather than basing them on traditional preconceived notions. Today, career counselling sessions can also be done through online means, so the students and their parents get the guidance within the comfortable confines of their homes.

For forging a successful future, it is vital to select the right career path so that the individual’s inherent abilities and the career option are in sync with each other. This and only this can ensure a bright future for the individual.