Career Confusion

Choosing the right career can be a daunting task for a student passing the 10th or 12th standard examinations. Unless he is extremely determined towards a career path, it is an awfully difficult process to find the right career. There are many reasons behind this predicament.

The first and foremost is the dearth of information about possible career options that the student can pursue. Second is psychological pressure from parents, well-wishers and friends. Third is the fear of choosing the wrong career path and then getting caught in the vicious circle of disinterest and the need to earn a living. All these reasons lead to career confusion, a syndrome often seen in 9 out of 10 students.

A student getting the right career counselling after 10th is probably in a better position to understand the career options lying in store for him. A career counsellor often checks the student’s aptitude and then suggests relevant career options. This provides “best fit” solutions to the student and gives him a better chance to succeed in the chosen career.

Out of the number of career options after 12th, the most suitable ones are those that are based on the personal likes of the student. Students today are overtly attracted by supposed “well paying” career options. But most have either no aptitude or no passion for such career choices. But just because one of their friends has chosen it, they become inclined to choose them as well.

Out of the majority of students who ask themselves (and their near ones) the question – what to do after 12th – some are clever enough to seek professional help in the form of career counselling. Due to the emergence of newer and more exciting career options that students can pursue, it is difficult to keep track of every one of them. This dilemma can be solved by taking the help of a career counselling session.

Career counselling helps clear career confusion since it suggests the best options to the students depending upon their aptitude, likes and interests rather than basing them on traditional preconceived notions. Today, career counselling sessions can also be done through online means, so the students and their parents get the guidance within the comfortable confines of their homes.

For forging a successful future, it is vital to select the right career path so that the individual’s inherent abilities and the career option are in sync with each other. This and only this can ensure a bright future for the individual.


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