Choosing a Career after 12th

You have just passed your 12th standard examinations. The adrenaline rush phase is over. You are just starting to relax, but one question still bothers you at all times – What to do after 12th? You had either decided on a career option after listening to friends and parents and are not sure whether it is the right choice for you, or you are still undecided on your career path. Trust us, you are not alone. This question haunts the majority of students your age.

Why should this bother you? The primary reason is the daunting prospect of choosing the right career path from the innumerable choices available. Second is peer and parental pressure and the most important is your aptitude for a career choice. We all have some inherent abilities which if used to further our careers; we are assured of infinite success. In the process, we derive unbounded joy and satisfaction from it.

Today, a student passing the 12th standard exam is bogged down by choices. To choose the right career option after 12th is not as easy as it seems. But at the same time, there is hope. There are career guidance organizations which understand the true inherent qualities of the student and suggest relevant career options to him.

With the advent of the Internet and its popularity, choices of career after 12th have multiplied at a rate unheard of probably a decade ago. Today, businesses require digital marketers, graphic designers, programmers, instructional designers, project managers and the like to run their business online. These are vocations of great demand and the right candidate has a bright future in these fields.

The traditional streams of medical and engineering still attract a large number of students, yet it is absolutely not the end of the world if you fail to procure a seat in either engineering or medical college. Even arts and commerce students have cross speciality career options. For example, an arts stream student can go for a graduate course in fine arts and then do a multimedia course to make a career as a graphics designer. In short, the opportunities are endless.

The crux of the matter is to relax and take expert guidance from people who know best, rather than succumbing to pressure from parents, relatives or friends. The important thing is to choose a career choice which you will enjoy and be passionate about for the rest of your life. The money and success will surely follow.

Girija Nair is a multifaceted professional with experience span of over 26 years in the highly complex verticals of IT, Telecom, ITES, and Ecommerce. She is well versed with the current confusions and dilemmas faced by the students on Choosing a Career after 12th and with the education system, its applications, in adequacies and the solutions. She is CEO of careerfutura, and is an international consultant with GLG, Austin. Apart from being in highly responsible positions at, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocom, Reliance Retail, Vodafone, Philips, Cadilla.  She plays a pivotal role in counselling students on their right choice of career after 10th.


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