Rise in the Popularity of Online Career Counselling

The advancements in information and communications systems technology and its corresponding effect on almost every other science, commerce and arts has been the defining facet of last two decades. This has thrown open a vista for supporting services and product industries. This also means that today, students have more career choices than their counterparts of a generation or two earlier.

This has also created a host of related problems. Where does a student get all the relevant information about the career options to choose from? The answer to that has also been given by the digital world – online career counseling. The Internet has made life easy for humans by bringing information closer to us. Any and all information is available to us at the click of the button. Why should choosing the right career be any different?

Career guidance after 10th is of utmost importance to students passing this very important exam in the Indian education system. This exam will determine the general path a student must choose to lay the foundations for an exciting career ahead. Students generally choose either of the three streams of arts, commerce and science. Some students opt for diploma or certificate courses and pursue higher education in that field.

Career options after 12th are innumerable and the student has to choose a more specific course from his chosen stream. Usually the choices lead to Bachelor’s Degrees in respective fields. At the same time due to the emergence of many unorthodox career opportunities, it is usually a phase of anxiety and apprehension. This is where online career counseling becomes vital.

The answer to the perennial question of students across all generations – what to do after 12th – can well be answered by a professional career counselor. The counselor is well versed in the different types of career options available to the student and usually relies on a small aptitude test, the results of which represent the likes and interests of the student.

These test results give a fair enough idea to the counselor as to what career options suit a student best. The best part is that the entire interaction between the student and the counselor happens online through either a chat or a telephone call. So the student can sit in a relaxed setting along with his parents and get counseling. This type of counseling is becoming highly popular due to the fast-paced life of parents and the necessity to save time to invest it in other activities like searching the best educational institutions for admissions.


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