Going for a career counselling after 10th is a smarter move!

Finished with your 10th board exams? What next? Believe me you are one of those 90% students who are in same fix! Very very normal concern for those who care about their career!  Let’s make it simple! Go for a career counselling after 10th.

Choosing a right track at right time will leave a long lasting impact on a student’s life. At the age of 16, you are full of energy and enthusiasm, willing to conquer all the highs and when your dictionary doesn’t have the word impossible. Focusing on one stream becomes most difficult. But not to worry, some of the career guidance programs along with professional career counsellors will make it easy for you.

In your life, there are two major things, one is your career and another one is your interest! Think, what will happen, if your interest becomes your career? Then success is an obvious outcome. Career counsellors are going to help you in finding that right career stream, which is your major interest.

Main streams available after 10th:

Three streams that you can opt after 10th boards are: Science, Commerce and Arts.

Science is the stream that offers lucrative career options after 12th. Engineering, Medical science, and Pharmacy are the main career options offered by this stream.

Arts stream is mainly known for the wide variety of exciting opportunities. Some of the gripping career options in language fields as well as in arts, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and tourism field.

Commerce stream guides your career towards trade and business. This stream is increasingly chosen by lots of students these days, as it offers early employment and ideal for beginning of entrepreneurship.

Students from any of above streams can also pursue their further studies in management, fashion, law, textile, social work, library science, Journalism, fashion, Media and tourism too as per their choice.

Besides this one can have the other options also like Diploma courses (Textile, Engineering, leather, paint, Education etc) and the ITI courses, which can offer an early employment to the candidate

How to choose the correct one?

Best choice in my opinion will be the stream that you like the most. If you turn your liking into career, then the work will become amusing.

And the obvious question is how to find out that predilection? The answer is Career guidance after 10th. Seek professional help and you will find the answers you have been seeking in a right and systemic way.


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