Online Career Assessment

Online Career Assessment Test deals with appearing a test consisting a set of questions using tools like psychometric with the objective of guidance  to a decision of a lifetime.

And the test is online. The advantages of appearing the test online are as below:

  1. Since the test is all about one’s natural parameters, one needs to be relaxed. Where is anyone most comfortable? One’s own home. Hence, the first advantage is giving the test in the most comfortable atmosphere ie one’s own home.
  2. Since the intention to appear for a test is somewhat un interesting, but with the medium being interesting viz online, the comfort level of the New generation is utmost and complete. Therefore, the sincerity also goes up and the test results are more than accurate.
  3. Making an effort to specially go for a session of a test, is also somewhat priority based. But if it is online, that means, there is no need to prioritize an outdoor work over this. Therefore, online test becomes dependent free when it comes to the student actually taking the effort to go to the counselling centre
  4. You can save the time of the tenure of the test. Because, what follows after the test is a generation of report, and then comes the counselling part.

Some of the precautions that you need to take while giving the test is to ensure that you give the test with complete integrity. External tools like paper pencil or calculator should be completely avoided.

Careerfutura has a unique online career assessment test  for students right from 8th to Post graduates and professionals.

This online test is unique in terms of the parameters that are covered before giving out firm career recommendations. Aptitude, Personality, Interest and Study habits are some of the parameters, apart from many.

The report followed by the test has explanations, improvement methodologies and career recommendations, complete with course and college information.

The final session of guidance is also customized well according to the needs and comfort of the customer. The guidance can happen on the phone, in person or through skype.

The experts guiding the customers are also experienced and qualified to interpret the report of the online career assessment test.

Important pillars and parameters of a career decision is what forms the components of the online career assessment test.

What Do We Offer:, precisely checks for these parameters while recommending careers to students of 12th standard. An online career assessment test,  a detailed 32 page report which is simple to understand and interpret and virtually a counsellor within 10 km for every student in 38 cities, careers from a huge databank of 25000 courses, careers and colleges, completes the wish list of every student of this country.


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