Pointers to keep in mind before choosing your course and college after 12th!

The hype around finishing school and going to college beats all forms of excitement among students universally. However, 12th standard board exams being a deciding equivalent for colleges across India pushes focus of students towards getting high scoring marks. College life is a fancy buzz word in the mind of students passing 12th, but the myriad of course and college options often puts everyone in a fix.

There emerges a very important question. After 12th what. While some students seem quiet focused and aim towards entrance exams and top colleges knowing what they have to achieve others are on the back drop of which course or college would be best for them. Everyone hopes and wants the best for themselves. There seems to be a sea full of options some of which are:

  1. Stick to what you have chosen: you decide to remain in the stream you chose and build a career in the same line. For example: If you have chosen Arts with Mathematics, you look for all degree or professional courses via the same selection.
  2. Change you stream & make a shift: In the course of your 2 year higher secondary, you realize that you are either not meant for the field or you have absolutely no interest in it. If you had kept a wide range of options open for yourself by making a wise selection of subjects, you can very well consider changing the stream. For example: A science student with mathematics and statistics is eligible for various degree/professional courses from commerce and arts stream in India. A commerce student with mathematics can go for both educational/professional courses from arts as well. However, explore eligibility criteria for various colleges before making any decision.
  3. Consider Professional courses: A professional course is a course that leads to a professional qualification. A professional qualification will entitle u to register with a professional body like the Institution of Engineers, Medical Association, Association of Chartered Accountants, etc. Some of the well known professional courses are: Engineering, Medical, Para medical, Hotel Management, Law, Design, Fine arts and commercial arts, Management, Mass communication, etc.
    The respective professional body conducts entrance exams which one can clear for direct entry into the course. Any 12th pass student can consider these professional courses lest you meet the eligibility criteria for the same.
    These courses are lucrative and they offer good career opportunities. Competition is tough however as there many takers of these. For example: At all India level, there are only 26 colleges giving admission into Hotel Management degree courses. Many seek admission into these colleges. But if you get through and successfully complete the course you get straight entry into 5 star hotels in India or abroad.
  4. Prepare for entrance exams: Many universities use entrance exams for admission into a course. Apart from meeting the cut off criterion, they include entrance exams for selection as many students apply for it. Also, if you want entry into armed forces you have to prepare yourself for NDA exam. Entrance exams require rigorous preparation and in-depth planning right from 12th standard itself if one wants to clear it.
  5. Look out for vocational courses: Vocational courses can offer excellent career opportunities as well. Courses like Event Management, Disc Jockey, Radio Jockey, Travel and tourism can take you to heights of success ladder very soon if you acquire niche.

So now we have understood the various possibilities for students after completion of their higher secondary exam. But zoning into any one again becomes the cause of worry for most students and parents. This may be because of the following reasons:

– Students not aware of their actual strengths, capacities, area of interest, personality dimensions
– Percentage does not meet eligibility score of desired college
– College or course of choice not available at desired place of study
– Entrance exams have not proved to be fruitful
– Budget.

This list could be endless. However, one thing which is quiet evident is that the above situations arise due to lack of scientific data to back up information on why one wants to choose this course or that. Here, by scientific data I mean evidence to seal what is known and what is not.

So, what can provide us the scientific data upon which we can rest our decisions such that the end result is not frustration and failure but career success and happy smiles?

In this connection, experts have listed the career development cycle which says there four stages to making sound career decisions:
Know yourself: Get a scientific analysis done of your skills, aptitude, interests, personality, etc.
Explore possibilities: On the basis of data obtained from analysis, sit with a expert career guidance expert and list down possibilities for you.
Make choices: Boil down to the best choices for you. Set goals, develop a plan and address barriers.
Make it happen: Go with all strength and grandeur and put your plan into action to achieve your goals.

Now, how could you use this cycle for making the best choice for yourself?

  1. Take the Careerfutura online assessment test to pool in your real strengths and weaknesses.
  2. With our counselor, pick up the courses that match your aptitude, interest, personality. Explore your strengths.
  3. Make an action plan to go about achieving what you have chosen. Face success and failures healthily.
  4. Put your action plan into full swing and get going.

This process ensures that you have taken scientific information into consideration for coming to a decision. It rules out chances of failure as you addressed them way ahead in the planning stage. In-depth discussion with counselor build confidence and you are more attuned to knowing yourself better.

Out there, is a whole world of choices that handicaps your decision making ability. And this is quiet natural. However, if you go by the scientific way chances are bright that you rule out possibilities of failure and frustration. Success comes to those who make informed career decisions.

Do connect with us to know more about how you can avail our services.

All the best!

What Do We Offer:
Careerfutura is India’s largest career counseling and assessment Company, providing informed career based guidance to students from 8th standard to graduation/professional level. With its unique assessment modules, it helps students gain insight into their inner strengths like aptitude, personality, multiple intelligences, adjustment levels, learning styles and interest areas such that students can make wise career and personal decisions.
While choosing the right career for students, the proprietary career recommendation engine i.e., omniscan, also considers influencing variables like budgetary concerns, demography, market opportunity, eligibility, etc.

Girija Nair, is a multifaceted professional with experience span of over 26 years in the highly complex verticals of IT, Telecom, ITES, Ecommerce. She is well versed with the current confusions and dilemmas faced by the students and professionals with the education system, its applications, in adequacies and the solutions. She is one of the Directors of Careerfutura, and is an international consultant with GLG, Austin. Apart from being in highly responsible positions at Naaptol.com, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocom, Reliance Retail, Vodafone, Philips, Cadilla.  She plays a pivotal role in counselling students for career after 12th.


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