Want to explore what to do after 12th?

Want to explore what to do after 12th? Not sure about the correct path?

 Don’t worry. You have already made a step forward by rightly choosing Science/ Commerce or Arts stream. Majority of the students have a dilemma about right career after 12th grade. As this is an important milestone of your professional training, take out a time, go for a professional career counselling and make an informed choice!!

What can counselling achieve for you? Professionals will discuss range of topics with you to gauge your personality, natural aptitude, interests and importantly, motivation. The counselling makes you aware of different career possibilities and their prospects, help you identify your strong points and can guide you to overcome your weaknesses.  Typically, following are some of the basic questions that are being asked to a student during such tests are:

  1. What interests you most?
  2. Do you have goals? What would you like to become?
  3. What according to you are your strengths? Can you give examples?
  4. Which is your favourite career field and why?
  5. How is your academic performance?

Through such focused discussions, you will get an idea of what do you want to pursue and what are your likings.

For example, here are some of the professional career options after 12th:

Science Stream

Does calculation interests you? Or do you have lot of innovative ideas? Or do you think objectively? Then go for pure science subjects and become y6yta mathematician, doctor, engineer or a research professional. Is mathematics not your entire comfort? Then life-sciences, Pharmacy will be right choices for you!!

Commerce Stream

Do you enjoy number crunching, data analyses? You can surely think about banking, finance, insurance or accountancy as prospective career paths for you after 12th. The employment comes relatively quick with these types of professional trainings!

Arts Stream

Do you have interests in various culture, human nature and society, languages, dance, designing, photography, painting, articulating yourself via writings and so-on? Guess what, there is a range of professions waiting for you. For example, you can be a successful linguist, economist, a media person, a journalist or can work in tourism, social service or print publishing sectors. Needless to say, you can also be a job creator than just a job seeker.

Students fear trying out new things as they are unaware of employment possibilities and trends in the job markets. The counselling will help you choose right course of action. All you need to do is to take a step forward!!


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