Rejuvenate the Young Minds with Career Embellishment, Become a Career Consultant

career change advice

Our team of experts and experienced Career Counsellors are sophisticated about serving the young minds to build their prospects lovely and satisfactory. Are you a good adviser? Do you hold the skills up your sleeves to judge the interest of people, make them realize their unique potential and generate awareness of various arenas where they can succeed more? Why not grab our education franchise opportunities at your place and become a career consultant and rejuvenate the young minds to choose the innovative path and take a decision to mould their career prospects towards different paths that match up with their hidden talent and potential.

Why Choose Counsellors?

You have the opportunity to join hands with us if you are really passionate and interested in having a franchise business opportunity. We are a team of renowned and passionate employees who have served more than 20,000 students to choose the career; they are passionate and interested about. We plan to establish the best counselling portal and thus serving multiple education franchise opportunities to passionate people who can provide the best of counselling sessions to the student community to manage their prospects.


Become Education Franchise Partner

You have the chance to grab the opportunity to become a career counsellor and serve active young minds with quality assured guidance to reach the heights of success and satisfaction. Also if you are passionate to build your own pillars of business then you have the chance of Franchise Business Opportunity of our renowned company. You can serve the students as well as the working class professionals to have a change of build the stairs of success. With our franchise, you are provided with well researched psychometric test and resources like assessment tests to actually gesture the student with a good advice.

What do we Want?

We are looking for well educated, experienced and passionate counsellors who can serve the students with a real advice and make them realize their potential. We want young active professionals with the best administration and management to grab our franchise business opportunity and come up with a handsome margin. Being a successful career counselling hub we plan to set up the largest network of counselling centers in the country to make students realize their hidden talents and potential andmake wonders in their ventures, with a successful career or a dream come true.

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