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Education and career are intricately interrelated with each other; because the point where the education paths culminate, the career options start to emerge. Almost every one of us feels the dilemma of which career option to choose and amid the confusion, we make our decisions. But with finer diversification in the economy and subsequent industry & service verticals around the globe in past decades, the need to make well informed career decisions has become more important.

However, the students graduating out of their colleges and universities are still ignorant enough to make the analyses and reach out to a good decision that does not falter! This is rather difficult and hence the significance of career counselling. Recently, dedicated online initiatives have been launched like the career counseling portal Careerfutura. This portal rides on the abilities of hundreds of experts who have become a career counsellor with it and are assisting millions of students in making the right decisions with respect to their career choices.

Real time and personalized counseling

Such online mechanisms could be called as novel and almost equaling as an educational paradigm that well complements the curriculums. Any student passing the curriculum and term end examination with good grades still finds crunched as regards the practical information relating to potential career options of value. Careerfutura fills this gap effectively and thus is helpful in reducing the failures at the later stage; like if the student finds himself discrepant as per the requirements of the job profile/career which he chose wrongly! Careerfutura has become popular because its counselors offer the right advice at the right time. There are more corollaries of benefit to the seeker. One relates to the ease of reaching out to a career expert online without physically moving out of one’s hometown. The other relates to the personalized counseling wherein the experts offer their advice in ‘one to one’ manner. This implies that student is counseled as per his abilities, preferences and inclinations and of course the viability/prospects. Careerfutura maintains its counselling buffer through a system of well managed franchise opportunities that it offers towards the experts and counselors. These experts are held as a ready and dynamic resource to help out seekers/students anytime.

Demonstrated quality at Careerfutura –

Careerfutura franchise opportunities are however guarded strongly through its quality and adherences policies towards the counselors who register them with the portal. There are multiple dimensions that define these policies. One is the ability of the counselors to tender rational and valuable advice to the student in need. This directly determines the quality of service for Careerfutura and therefore the portal follows strict screening and evaluations.

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Career choices are never easy; especially for the students graduating out of their colleges and universities. A definite and broadly visible fallout of such difficult decisions in many cases (if not all) is choosing the wrong or discrepant career. In such condition, the professional finds himself either incompatible with the requirements or feels incompetent as per the demands of the job profile. This is, of course, a pathetic condition because, at such stage, it becomes impossible to make the changes! Lately, some experiments have emerged in the segment of Career Counselling For Professionals; courtesy to initiatives such as that leverages the power of the internet to help out the seeking professionals in different sectors of industry and services. Careerfutura.comhas therefore become popular as a platform offering Midlife Career Change Counselling to the professionals.


How the professionals are helped through dedicated counselling –

Frankly speaking, the concept of Career Guidance For Professionals is rather novel because ‘career choice’ almost becomes defunctafter the student opts for a career! Thus there is sort of contradiction, but it has been attempted successfully through the information revolution that is unfolding big and large through the web. has been developed as a dynamic pool of information resource that is fed with real time leads of objective and authentic value. At the backend, secures relevant leads from the reputed sources that in turn scout for the job positions and profiles up for grabs in the diversity of verticals of services and industry

The importance of such an information resource is increased multifold for a professional who in spite of finding himself incompatible with the current job remains too busy in the same; & hence cannot look out for the new opportunities. serves the handy information in real time to the correct aspirant who is looking to change the sector/vertical.

This directly aids in the smooth transition for the professional who registers for Midlife Career Change Counselling at

Find fast growth trajectories –

An essential offshoot of such a counselling is also that an ambitious professional can scout for the best emergent opportunities in different firms of relevance to his career and experience profile. continuously makes available the best of such opportunities to its members who can reach out for better positions and fatter pay packages in a short time. Thus we find that Career Counselling For Professionals has become much broader and is a niche of high demand for many professionals around the world.


Find the Best Career Options after Graduation at Careerfutura.Com



Graduation is considered as an educational milestone because the course structure has been designed in a manner so as to train the grown up mind along different dimensions. These dimensions include not only the academics but also the way a wise person should think and behave in society. However, the latter dimensions denote the broader perspective. Despite holistic grooming of the young mind during graduation years, the youth confront the dilemma of choosing the right career option so as to lead a secure and growth oriented life. Career Options After Graduation have got diversified in countries like India where the economy has got variegated through new industry and service specializations.

After graduation counselling –

A definite offshoot of above stated situation is also that a student making the wrong choice amidcareer confusion could suffer gaps with the real and dynamic requirements of industry/service sectors in the economy. Career counselling offers the insights into what are the needs of the economic spectrum and thus helps the student in making the right choice after graduation. Dedicated web portals like are assisting the aspirants so that they get to know the best career options and courses available after graduation.

The significance of after graduation career counselling also stems from the fact that the academics has also got diversified in the last one to two decades in response to the demands of the economy. However, the contradiction is that most students are still ignorant about the new streams of career and the related After Graduation Coursesof specialization. Only if they are offered the resonant information at the right time, their potential career discrepancies could be averted. With such gaps, we find that large numbers of students fail to wade through their Career Confusion in a successful manner and ultimately choose a course which delivers nothing substantial to them. is an initiative to help the students passing their graduation to make the right decisions as for their specializations and thus emerge successful in their life.

Refined specializations now available

After graduation, counselling services have concentrated mostly on the finer and niche disciplines and specializations that are available at the university level. Many leading universities are adding new courses that offer direct placement opportunities in the national and international industry/service verticals. The counseling agencies keep track of the new developments in the mainstream and peripheral streams of academics and inform the seekers about the best After Graduation Courses. is a vast pool of information resource that is drawn through a dynamic network.