I am 40 Years Old – Would it Be Ridiculous to Change My Career Now?

Let us tell you a story. It’s a story about two people who met in college, fell in love, and became successful corporate lawyers. And then something happened that changed life as they knew it.

Nina and her husband Tim Zagat graduated from Yale Law School and started pursuing high-flying legal careers. The juggernaut came when they were working in Paris, occasionally enjoying eating in Parisian restaurants. One fine day, they decided to compile their own list of restaurants based on their likes and dislikes — the Zagat guide. Within two years of its publishing, the guide was selling — hold your breath — 40,000 copies per year!

The Zagats eventually quit their jobs and devoted themselves to the endeavor — a business everyone in the food and restaurant space lauds. Both the Zagats had been in their late 30s.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Careers “That Late in Life”?!

Time and again, we hear of people — and people in their 40s, not only the “young and energetic” — who switched careers to become dizzyingly successful. Donald Fisher, a man with no experience in retail, opened the first Gap store in his 40s. Grandma Moses, one of the world’s most prolific artists, began her painting career at 78. Seventy-eight!

These monumental paradigm-shifts in careers aren’t impossible to fathom. Statistics report that while a higher salary and relocation are common reasons for these changes, many seek to alter their life’s focus. Many seek work that genuinely interests them, that fuels them from within.

Sometime in life, you too may feel stuck in the wrong career. You may feel that an elusive switch, right at the bend of the road, will let you achieve your real potential. But it’s between fantasizing and executing a shift that most of us get lodged, thanks to scepticism, doubt, and the fear of being ridiculed.

Is 40 Too Late to Make a Career Change?

One word: No.

It’s never too late to follow your passion in life or free yourself from a career that stifles your body and soul.

Career Guidance Through the Change: How to Switch After 40

  • Enlist a support team: Get your family and friends onboard. Little do you know, they can be excellent career advisors; their support will give you the support YOU need. They may even be able to help you deal with the financial crunch that you can expect early in the transition.
  • Get the money ready: Here’s the thumb-rule — set aside up to a year’s living expenses as an emergency fund (minimum six months). Changing careers is a massive step, and you’ve to be prepared for getting along with less money, at least for a while.
  • Seek professional career counseling: Look before you leap! Even the smartest people can make ill-considered decisions only to find themselves neither gratified nor, um, paid. It’s highly recommended to get career change advice from an expert. For instance, if you consult Career Futura, their team will take you through a complete career assessment test, analyzing your aptitude and skills, and recommend whether the transition will be lucrative in the long run. You’ll also get an excellent understanding of the job outlook, salary structure and growth prospects in the career you’ve in mind.
  • Focus on transferable skills: Worked as a counsellor in school? You’re already good with people, which is important in a Corporate Communications Team. Have full-time parenting experience with a wailing tot? You excel at patience, time management and functioning with little sleep! Keep your transferable skills — from your old job, independent projects, life experiences — in your kit-bag.
  • Participate in personal conversations: Now that you’ve started looking for diametrically different career options, your standard CV and cover letter are unlikely to suffice. In a 2016 interview with CNBC, renowned career change coach Natasha Stanley recommends that you “share your passion and life experience and enthusiasm with someone, human being to human being”. So, ditch the impersonal “job hunting” e-mail and start networking in your circle, with referrals from friends, family and colleagues, and on social media.

Pro Tip: Guess what’s one of the sharpest skills you already possess for your new career? Great passion and emotional investment! This can give you a headstart in future interviews.

They say, nothing is permanent but change. Sometimes, to steer your personal and professional life towards happiness, a change is imperative. Don’t let unfounded apprehensions and the fear of “what will people say” hold you back. Build a robust action plan and commit your energies to your dream career, your head held high.

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6 Things Successful Career Counsellors Do To Have a Rewarding Career Themselves

Helping others is its own reward. It feels incredible when you’ve helped someone arrive at a decision, guided them along the way, and it turned out to be a life-changer for them. This, precisely, is what career advisors do: give students and professionals career-related advice to help them attain glorious results. But how do advisors achieve glory in THEIR career?

Things All Successful Career Counsellors Do

  1. They always remember their real purpose

Being a counsellor is a vocation – you do it because you want to help others and make a positive difference to their lives. As your vocation grows into a business, it’s easy to lose sight of this purpose and start focusing wholly on making money, taking on more clients than you can handle, and treating counselling like an assembly-line production. That can be your undoing.

  1. They build their own niche

Career planning and advice is a vaster field than many people realize. Counselling a student who just got his Class 10th results and his trying to choose a stream is nothing like counselling a professional in his/her 30s who wants to change careers. Winning counsellors work on building a niche (or multiple niches) and train themselves to excel at these choices. They don’t take on a client they wouldn’t be able to serve well, even if there is plentiful payoff involved.


  1. They rely on research-backed assessment

While sound intuition is a great bonus for a career counsellor, you must have a foolproof fallback plan. A research-backed, carefully developed assessment/test is indispensable for understanding your clients’ aptitude, personality and fitment to a career. An excellent example is the well-researched psychometric test developed by CareerFutura, a leading career guidance company in India. The test has been scientifically designed in consultation with educationists.

  1. They see their clients as people

You are in a people-oriented business and your clients are people, not cash cows. A career counsellor who is not attuned to the needs of his/her clients, doesn’t have the capability to empathise and guide, and is unwilling to devote time to understanding a client’s individual situation, demographics, learning styles and thought process is unlikely to make progress.

  1. They associate with domain leaders

To become a successful career counsellor, you must either have a strong acumen for entrepreneurship or let domain leaders bolster your skills and help you build your practice. A lucrative golden mean is to take up a franchise opportunity under the umbrella of an established brand. For example, if you associate with CareerFutura, you’ll get access not only to their brand name and comprehensive assessment tests, but you’ll also stand to benefit from the streamlined business operations that come with a leading organisation. This means, you can devote your energies to your true passion: providing career guidance to a growing community of students and working professionals.

  1. They constantly hone their skills

As a career counsellor, you’ll be advising people on one of the most important aspects of their lives. It’s imperative to stay updated with the latest in your niche(s), especially in education, the corporate world, and human resource development. A good career advisor attends networking events, conferences and workshops and goes in for certifications and courses that can sharpen his/her skills. For instance, the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) in New Delhi offers a diploma in guidance and counselling.

The career franchise business is a rapidly growing field in India, with abundant opportunities to marry your penchant for helping others and your entrepreneurial ambitions. All the best!

Power Woman Indra Nooyi : 4 Lessons Students & Professionals Should Learn From Her

Women cannot run companies. Women cannot manage personal and professional life. Women cannot do this, that and those.

Indra Nooyi

Except, they can. They do.

In a rapidly changing world where women are taking up roles previously only “destined” for men, PepsiCo Chief Indra Nooyi is an inspiration for millions. If you too aspire for the stars, dreaming of one day running a multi-billion-dollar company, check out this list of invaluable lessons from the power woman.

Tips From Indra Nooyi: Career Guidance For Professionals & Students

Padma Bhushan Indra Nooyi, the incumbent Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, is one of the most powerful women in the world. She’s at the helm of affairs in the world’s second-largest food and beverage business (after Nestle) and has been since 2006 – a whopping 12 years already! In 2015, Fortune magazine declared her the world’s 2nd most powerful woman. Beyond PepsiCo too, Indra is a force to behold. She’s part of the International Cricket Council Board – the first independent female director ever.

So, how did Indra, a girl from a simple Tamil family in Chennai with a regular childhood, become this magnificent boss-woman?

  1. Take Your Education Very, Very Seriously

This is an age where brushing off school/college is considered “cool” and “entrepreneurial”. While some dropouts do manage to win without education, there’s no denying this: education is the most potent ingredient for success. The commitment, however, must develop young, especially while choosing your stream in 10+2 and your subsequent career.

Do you know Indra’s academic background? She earned bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Madras Christian College, Chennai. She then pursued MBA from IIM Calcutta. It doesn’t stop there. She earned a master’s degree in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management too. Throughout her academic life, she pursued several internships to garner on-field experience.

Tip: Even for the seriously academic-minded, professional career counselling can be highly beneficial during 10+2. Seeking this guidance lets you make an optimal stream/career decision aligned to your aptitude. Even if you’re toying with – and are daunted by – the idea of changing careers at 40, seek expert career guidance. For instance, at CareerFutura.com, you can take an in-depth aptitude/psychometric test, at the end of which you’ll get a detailed report on the careers matching your skills and personality!

  1. Build a Strategy for Everything

For any Endeavour to succeed, strategy is paramount. A chaotic, haphazard lifestyle may seem fun and impulsive and even produce temporary results, but in the long run, strategy is indispensable for academic and professional success.

Take Indra’s example. While working in PepsiCo, she identified the core problem affecting sales: a shift in consumer preferences to healthier lifestyles. This was a situation that only strategic intervention could address. Indra organized a redirection of all PepsiCo products into three categories: “fun” (say, regular Pepsi), “better” (diet Pepsi), and “good” (say, oatmeal). Then, she directed the company’s funds to the “good” category, which eventually meant that even the other two categories became healthier and hence, more coveted!

Did You Know?

One of the best examples of Indra’s strategic brilliance is her handling of the water crisis associated with PepsiCo in India. Since early 2000, PepsiCo was getting ire for wasting water in India – a country already grappling with water shortage. Indra strategized a country-wide “positive water balance” program to understand and address this problem. By 2009, according to media reports, PepsiCo had managed to restock 6 billion+ liters of water in India – much more than PepsiCo’s average intake of five billion liters! Eventually, the program was extended to other countries too. Who says a corporate career cannot be philanthropic?

  1. Diversify Your Skills & Approach

What worked for you to ace class Xth exams is not going to work in 10+2, and definitely not for entrance exams. Likewise, the approach you need for an Engineering career is very different from the requirements of Advertising. This is why, if you seek career counselling for professionals, the top suggestion you’ll get is to tailor your approach to the situational need.

Check out how Indra did it. She started her career with ‘Total’, a British textile company, and then moved on to ‘Johnson & Johnson’. From here, she completely shifted domains to Motorola and Asea Brown Boveri (an automation technology company), and finally to Pepsico.

Over the years, Indra diversified for the various brands she handled, from the woman-centered Stayfree at J&J to tech-based products at ABB and food and beverages at PepsiCo. At PepsiCo, Indra even led the formation of ‘Tricon’ (now “Yum! Brands”) that comprises KFC and Pizza Hut, among others.

Remember – diversification should also comprise non-work-related activities to re-energies your brain. Indra reportedly does this by fishing – a therapeutic hobby. During her college days, her hobbies were “wilder”: all-girls’ cricket team and rock-band!

  1. Never Grow Complacent

Satisfaction is good; complacence isn’t. Whether you’re a student or a professional, grow constantly. The day you stop is when you’re no longer an asset. Indra, even after her marvelous achievements, never stops persevering. Since her joining, PepsiCo’s profit has reportedly grown from $2.7billion to $6.5billion in 2014! She’s always exploring new arenas, such as leading sub-brands Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade to success.

Indra, you inspire! Let’s take a leaf from her book as we continue on our own academic and professional journey.

Interested in the Career Franchise Business? 3 Important Tips To Earn Money & Reputation

If there ever were an award for “the most confused group of people”, several students would win it hands down.

tips to earn money

Students in 10+2 are bombarded with contradictory advice from teachers, parents, siblings, and their inner voice, taking them down the Lane of Eternal Confusion! There is an immense need to counsel students of this age and provide them career guidance to choose a stream/career aligned to their aptitude. If you’re interested in both working with children and running a business, a franchise in career counselling is an excellent option for you.

Is a Career Franchise Opportunity Lucrative?

A business cannot succeed if it doesn’t make a profit. If you’re thinking about entering this field, know that it is indeed a highly profitable venture. Children’s education is a prime concern for parents and will remain so, irrespective of the health of the economy. A franchise in career planning is thus relatively insulated from market ups and downs. Additionally, pursuing this franchise opportunity is also an enriching experience since you’ll be positively influencing the lives of numerous students.

However, for your franchise to succeed, there are some important guidelines you should remember.

Tips to Run a Successful Career Counselling Franchise

  1. Choose Location Wisely

For your business to click, there must be an interested audience. So, when you’re juggling franchise opportunities and considering which one to take up, consider the demographics of the locality. See if there are enough children (and parents) of the age-group you want to target. It is also helpful to have schools in the area so you can consider partnering with them to offer career planning services to their students. However, be wary of direct competition: you don’t want to take on a well-established, popular competitor for your very first venture.

  1. Research Your Prospective Franchiser

The education business is overrun with players, but not all of them are founded on strong research, commitment, and service quality. For your franchise to earn money and reputation, the brand must be deeply devoted to the welfare of the student community and not just be a commercially-minded organisation. For instance, if you become a career advisor with CareerFutura.com, a leading brand in education in India for the last five years, you’ll be able to provide your clients unmatched services like a comprehensive aptitude test developed after two years of research. You’ll also learn from the experiences of other career counselors who have guided 20,000+ students till date. This, combined with your professional expertise and guidance, will let your franchisee become a prominent force in guiding students through their career-related decisions.

  1. Carefully Assess Your Resources

Running a successful franchise business is about more than just signing on the dotted lines. Before you get started, assess the following:

  • Office space
  • Staff and hiring requirements
  • Promotion costs
  • Daily maintenance and upkeep costs

While your franchisor will support you with their brand name and some other resources from time to time, you’ll need to manage the above on your own. Look within, test the strength of your entrepreneurial spirit, analyze your support systems, and then make a realistic decision.

Wishing you all the best for a bright career as you shape the careers of other people alongside. Now, that’s a truly gratifying experience!

Become a Career Advisor with Online Counselling Portal & get better Exposure

Career choices have got diversified as the academics have responded positively towards the economic differentiations that have occurred in past decades around the world. The newer verticals have generated demand for the specialized professionals while the core fields have also developed demand for the frontal specializations. We therefore find that in addition to medical, engineering, law and few other options, students are now getting multifold career choices to choose from. Most of the options show up after the middle school itself and the student can decide for the resonant bachelor course to acquire knowledge and skills in particular sector. However, the ability to choose wisely from the plethora of options now available is also a challenge for the aspirants and they get confused. The role of career counselors has therefore become important and online career counselling portals are now offering Education Franchise Opportunities to the talented individuals to become career experts and offer help and assistance online.


Online career counselling portals offer better exposure to the career experts

The dilemma to choose is more pronounced for the students in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns in India where their outreach gets severely curbed and finding out a good career counselor becomes very difficult. Career counselling Franchise in Educational Sector that is offered online is a viable and successful concept because it connects the knowledgeable educationists and career experts with the vast student community that is scattered throughout the territory. This in effect also means that multifold exposure potential is augmented if the academics or subject expert wishes to Become a Career Advisor with any such national level counselling portal.

One to one career counselling –

While the career expert benefits through enhanced requisitioning of his services by the students in far off places, students also benefit much as they get personalized and rational advice regarding the correct career choice. Such an advice made to the student at the right time can make the difference of success and failure for him because the expert makes him aware of the options that offer better earning prospects; more importantly, the counselling is done in a resonant manner while taking into account the individual aptitudes, likes and preferences!

Get the Resonant Advice through Online Portals offering Career Guidance for Professionals

Education is a long passage that begins when we are enrolled in the school for the first time and then after continues fairly long; atleast 20 years if the student reaches for acquiring a bachelor’s degree in some specialization. However, the later segment of this education journey is very important because there some significant junctures at which we have to decide about the career choice. Although education is long process, the decision is made in a short time span. If this decision regarding the career stream is done correctly then success, prosperities and fame are assured for the aspirant; if it goes wrong or aberrant then there are inconsistencies, failures and agony for the bearer!


In the latter case, the incumbent finds himself aberrated and uninvolved in the job profile and desk requirements and there appears to be a mismatch! To address such inconsistent situation for the bearers, some online portals have come up that offer Career Change Advice in a dynamic manner. Such advice is of vital help to the professionals who are not satisfied in their present job position and want to make the switch to a different field; but who are unable to find the resonant information in real time to make any such initiative.

Resonant and timely advice –

Career guidance for professionals could be called as the new specialization in the wider and traditional segment of career counselling where generally the students are guided in the right and matching conducts. While offering Career Counseling For Professionals, the catering is different and information relating to economy and its sectors is warranted rather than that of the higher academics! The success of such counselling lies in the ability of the portal to convey the information regarding the emergent opportunities in different sectors and organizations/companies.

The conveying of information is done in a personalized manner such that the qualification and present experience of the individual as an incumbent are taken into consideration. The switching is thus facilitated easily and the seeker need not be personally involved in scouting for the new job opportunities and openings; interestingly, such catering plugs the gaps for a working professional who finds little time to look out for the new opportunities and thus misses the one which is available in anonymity.

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Make Well Informed Decision through Career Counselling Available Online

In India, 12th board exams are now over and the students are awaiting their results. However, every student is also concerned much about what to do after 12th; because upon this choice, depends their entire future and life! The concern and confusion towards this decision is not unfounded, especially in India where in last one decade the professional choices as also the economic differentiation has emerged quiet complex.

The traditional disciplines that used to be the prime career choices like mathematics and biology have now become less popular because the aspirants despite stiff competition are not getting the optimized results. Simultaneously, more refined options have also emerged that promise lucrative careers. Amid such confusion of the students who look out for best career options after 12th, the role of career advisors and counselors have become more important. Today, many online career guidance networks are available that offer to assist the student regarding the best career courses after 12th.

Online career advice can make the difference!

While large numbers of students throughout India may be thinking ‘what after 12th, only fewer have access to quality career counselling. The students hailing from the small cities and towns generally find themselves constrained in their outreach to the career advisors. The online career portals are really helpful for such students as they can seek real time counselling online through the best career experts who could be residing in any other part. There is no need to plan and move out of one’s city and find the counselor.

Such a system of counselling has the potential to change the entire landscape of career choice; because presently, large numbers of students who are otherwise worthy fail to find the right and resonant career option for them. This is especially true for the students who pass out of their middle school (12th) because at this age, their exposure is least and their mind is not well equipped for making the analysis and correct decision. The advisors who offer counselling are experts and they take into account different factors like prospects promised by a particular stream, the abilities and likes of the student and the competition index relative to other careers. The counselor guides the student with the best and suitable career option after 12th so that there is no regretting afterwards.

Career Counselling For Professionals Aspiring To Make A Change At 40!

Career choice is very important decision because a wrong or discrepant choice leads to inconsistencies where the professional although trained in the particular conducts and academics finds self unmatched with the work profile and his job desk. In such condition, he is left with least of possibility to make career change. Often the career decisions are made at early age when the student passes out of his middle school and opts for a particular discipline for further studies. Later on, the person realizes that his choice was not correct as per the aspirations and affinities that he possesses. However, lately, some dedicated experiments have been done through career portals that run online and assist in changing careers at 40 or even more if the professional desires! Such career change counselling is modeled in a different way whereby the professional is offered the objective help regarding the options available to him in other verticals and organizations.

Find your resonant job profile through a career change at 40

In most cases, the working professional even though not finding his resonances, remains too much occupied with the work and is thus unable to find out the option to make the switch to some other vertical or company that offers better job profile and satisfaction. The career change portals help such seekers with career change advice that includes handy information of real time importance. The switching is thus facilitated in an easy manner through a dedicated network of career counselling for professionals. A professional taking up membership at such online portal is offered ready alerts regarding the new openings and offers and such recommendations are served as personalized types after taking into account the existing qualifications and experience profile of the professional.

Take advantage of the new opportunities!

The midlife career change counselling services have become quite popular among those professionals also who are satisfied with their career choice but want to move swift up the ladder of success. For them, the portal offers resonant options that promise fatter pay scales and positions so that they can fulfill their ambitions and dreams. Thus the aspiring professionals can maintain momentum in their career after 40 through the best offers. Such an increased dynamism in the career space has been assisted by the enhanced opportunities in business sectors and the allied demand for new specializations and experienced professionals who could serve in more competent & demanding job positions in higher echelons.


Find Out What to Do After Graduation through the Personalized Online Career Counselling

Education and schooling is a long journey and starts from childhood & continues till the person gets young. The choice that he adopts in middle and higher education determines the career prospects. Graduation is therefore essential and grooms the student in the chosen field of academics/skills. However, the last few decades have witnessed finer differentiations emerging in the higher education and now there is high demand for specializations post graduation. Therefore most students want to know as what to do after graduation and what are the best after graduation courses.

The role career counselling

While there has been striking differentiation at post graduate level in higher academics throughout the world, the awareness for the same is pretty low and students do not know the right choices available to them. This leads to career discrepancies or wrongful choice by them leading to waste of time and energy! Career counselling as concept has thus emerged significant and many students now reach out to the career advisors to get the personalized and correct advice. The counselors keep track of the emergent dynamics in the career fields and they guide the seeker about the best career after graduation. Such advice is offered after taking into account various parameters that are resonant to the student. The counselor considers the prospects that a particular career option offers relative to other and also assesses the competitive index of it. Such analysis is then coupled with the individual preferences, likes and potential abilities before the final choice is served as advice. This makes the career counselling very personalized and the student chooses the best option from different after graduation courses.

Online career advice is available!

Online career counselling is yet another smart experiment that leverages the power of web and allows any student to reach out to a career expert to seek the personalized advice in real time. The best part of such online career counselling is that there is no need to move out of one’s city and online interfacing through computer screen does all the task. The students residing in the small cities and towns have become the biggest beneficiary and they can also seek the best advice related to their career now.


Become a Career Advisor through the Education Franchise Opportunities Offered Online

The educational pursuits have become diversified, broad and lengthy and the career choices have also increased multifold because the economy and business sectors of it are generating demands for the specialized professionals. The student graduating out of middle school is required to remain aware of the new options and career choices so that the backlashes and wrong decisions are avoided. Today, we have many online career counselling portals that offer opportunities to talented individuals to become a career counselor in the vast dynamic networks that help the students to know the best career choices for them.

In countries like India, most students are still ignorant about the new career developments at the horizon and often make the wrong choices. Career counselling services have therefore seen more demand and students reach out to career experts to know the best options available and the one which can offer the bright prospects! Career counselling portals are helping out such students through their experienced and knowledgeable counselors who offer their services through the franchise business opportunity that the portals offer. Such assistance is available online which broadens the outreach and scope of counselling for the vast student community here in Indian cities and towns.

High standards desired at career counselling portals

To become a career consultant with such online portals, there are stringent norms and standards that have to be followed. Such career franchise opportunity can be availed by only those counselors who show up the desired value and expertise as tested through regular screening and evaluations. Anyone who aspires to become a career advisor with needs to be well equipped with the dynamic information regarding the career choices, the higher academics options, the competition indices and such other factors of resonance towards effective guidance. Such high standards have been adopted to ensure that the best guidance is available to the students.

Resonant and personalized counselling

Online career counseling and advice offered by web portals is very personalized and an advisor who has teamed up through the franchise opportunity needs to take into account the capabilities, likes, preferences, competitiveness level and other factors before recommending any course or option to the student. This ensures that the student does not struggle at the later stages after making his choice and finds the best and resonant career for self.