I am 40 Years Old – Would it Be Ridiculous to Change My Career Now?

Let us tell you a story. It’s a story about two people who met in college, fell in love, and became successful corporate lawyers. And then something happened that changed life as they knew it.

Nina and her husband Tim Zagat graduated from Yale Law School and started pursuing high-flying legal careers. The juggernaut came when they were working in Paris, occasionally enjoying eating in Parisian restaurants. One fine day, they decided to compile their own list of restaurants based on their likes and dislikes — the Zagat guide. Within two years of its publishing, the guide was selling — hold your breath — 40,000 copies per year!

The Zagats eventually quit their jobs and devoted themselves to the endeavor — a business everyone in the food and restaurant space lauds. Both the Zagats had been in their late 30s.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Careers “That Late in Life”?!

Time and again, we hear of people — and people in their 40s, not only the “young and energetic” — who switched careers to become dizzyingly successful. Donald Fisher, a man with no experience in retail, opened the first Gap store in his 40s. Grandma Moses, one of the world’s most prolific artists, began her painting career at 78. Seventy-eight!

These monumental paradigm-shifts in careers aren’t impossible to fathom. Statistics report that while a higher salary and relocation are common reasons for these changes, many seek to alter their life’s focus. Many seek work that genuinely interests them, that fuels them from within.

Sometime in life, you too may feel stuck in the wrong career. You may feel that an elusive switch, right at the bend of the road, will let you achieve your real potential. But it’s between fantasizing and executing a shift that most of us get lodged, thanks to scepticism, doubt, and the fear of being ridiculed.

Is 40 Too Late to Make a Career Change?

One word: No.

It’s never too late to follow your passion in life or free yourself from a career that stifles your body and soul.

Career Guidance Through the Change: How to Switch After 40

  • Enlist a support team: Get your family and friends onboard. Little do you know, they can be excellent career advisors; their support will give you the support YOU need. They may even be able to help you deal with the financial crunch that you can expect early in the transition.
  • Get the money ready: Here’s the thumb-rule — set aside up to a year’s living expenses as an emergency fund (minimum six months). Changing careers is a massive step, and you’ve to be prepared for getting along with less money, at least for a while.
  • Seek professional career counseling: Look before you leap! Even the smartest people can make ill-considered decisions only to find themselves neither gratified nor, um, paid. It’s highly recommended to get career change advice from an expert. For instance, if you consult Career Futura, their team will take you through a complete career assessment test, analyzing your aptitude and skills, and recommend whether the transition will be lucrative in the long run. You’ll also get an excellent understanding of the job outlook, salary structure and growth prospects in the career you’ve in mind.
  • Focus on transferable skills: Worked as a counsellor in school? You’re already good with people, which is important in a Corporate Communications Team. Have full-time parenting experience with a wailing tot? You excel at patience, time management and functioning with little sleep! Keep your transferable skills — from your old job, independent projects, life experiences — in your kit-bag.
  • Participate in personal conversations: Now that you’ve started looking for diametrically different career options, your standard CV and cover letter are unlikely to suffice. In a 2016 interview with CNBC, renowned career change coach Natasha Stanley recommends that you “share your passion and life experience and enthusiasm with someone, human being to human being”. So, ditch the impersonal “job hunting” e-mail and start networking in your circle, with referrals from friends, family and colleagues, and on social media.

Pro Tip: Guess what’s one of the sharpest skills you already possess for your new career? Great passion and emotional investment! This can give you a headstart in future interviews.

They say, nothing is permanent but change. Sometimes, to steer your personal and professional life towards happiness, a change is imperative. Don’t let unfounded apprehensions and the fear of “what will people say” hold you back. Build a robust action plan and commit your energies to your dream career, your head held high.

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Career Counselling For Professionals Aspiring To Make A Change At 40!

Career choice is very important decision because a wrong or discrepant choice leads to inconsistencies where the professional although trained in the particular conducts and academics finds self unmatched with the work profile and his job desk. In such condition, he is left with least of possibility to make career change. Often the career decisions are made at early age when the student passes out of his middle school and opts for a particular discipline for further studies. Later on, the person realizes that his choice was not correct as per the aspirations and affinities that he possesses. However, lately, some dedicated experiments have been done through career portals that run online and assist in changing careers at 40 or even more if the professional desires! Such career change counselling is modeled in a different way whereby the professional is offered the objective help regarding the options available to him in other verticals and organizations.

Find your resonant job profile through a career change at 40

In most cases, the working professional even though not finding his resonances, remains too much occupied with the work and is thus unable to find out the option to make the switch to some other vertical or company that offers better job profile and satisfaction. The career change portals help such seekers with career change advice that includes handy information of real time importance. The switching is thus facilitated in an easy manner through a dedicated network of career counselling for professionals. A professional taking up membership at such online portal is offered ready alerts regarding the new openings and offers and such recommendations are served as personalized types after taking into account the existing qualifications and experience profile of the professional.

Take advantage of the new opportunities!

The midlife career change counselling services have become quite popular among those professionals also who are satisfied with their career choice but want to move swift up the ladder of success. For them, the portal offers resonant options that promise fatter pay scales and positions so that they can fulfill their ambitions and dreams. Thus the aspiring professionals can maintain momentum in their career after 40 through the best offers. Such an increased dynamism in the career space has been assisted by the enhanced opportunities in business sectors and the allied demand for new specializations and experienced professionals who could serve in more competent & demanding job positions in higher echelons.


Build Your Career With The Help Of Careerfutura

d28dc-career2bchange2badviceThe education support Programmes at the career counselling sites are generally aimed at overcoming the lack of opportunities available to the needy. They also work towards imparting skills which help students to decide Career Option After 12th. Careerfutura works with a belief that the extensive network of students needs to be trained with career assessment test which makes them knowledgeable to take decisions after the schooling. The entire program aims to increase employment opportunities through imparting skills & laying a solid foundation of education for students to decide what to do after graduation.


Their career assessment tests are more focused towards understanding the as-is condition of every student to decide career option after 12th. The test comprises of questions and cases which help in determining the positives and negatives of each student. They have experts who analyse the career assessment test of students; give solutions and suggestions which will enhance the career opportunities of every individual. These tests are offered for students from 8th to 10th to 12th to graduates and professionals. Depending on the age of students, their education background the tests are conducted by careerfutura to help students decide What to do After Graduation.

At careerfutura general routine tests are also organized which are known as habit tests. They help parents in determining the study capability of a student. The tests are more oriented towards checking the memory power, concentration levels and other aspects which will determine how the students are interested in learning a subject.

career guidance for professionals

Careerfutura is the only counselling centre which can provide online reports on student’s capability to help parents in improving their marks in academic. With this particular support, parents can make children increase their concentration power, they can identify the best ways to teach them and finally motivate them to study effectively.

Besides career counselling, the careerfutura also helps associates to play a greater role in improving the students in the country. The company offers best services to associates in the form of guidance and access to all careerfutura documents which will help them to serve the students better and in particular giving strong plans for Career Option After 10th for children. Joining with careerfutura as associates is very simple and you can get the better margin to have a successful career in the field of counselling.

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Careerfutura Offers Dedicated Mid-Career Change Options And Counseling For Professionals

The economic turfs have got brisk paced throughout the world because the demand – requirement cycles have gone buoyant. While the primary verticals have expanded greatly, the secondary and tertiary verticals have also increased that signify the differentiations in economy. All such dynamism has led to the demand for the professionals with niche specializations; these specializations are many times not found in the academics due to backlashed responses there. On the other hand, professionals who gain requisite experiences could benefit through midlife career change options. These options are tremendous and as stated above, these are in tandem with the economic differentiations. Only the correct career counselling for working professionals is required! To patch up the counseling demand for them, websites like careerfututra.com have come up with their diversified and very dedicated career guidance for professionals.

Midlife career change counselling for professionals at careerfutura.com

The fact is that most of the professionals are not even aware of the best options that keep emerging for them. They generally remain anonymous and busy on their work desks as an incumbent. Careerfutura.com as a specialized portal brings for them, the live opportunities so that they can have the career change through switches. There are direct benefits in terms of packages, perks and designations. There is nothing to loose for them! A practical corollary of such guides is also that there is no need for the professional to take out time from his crunched routines and go looking for the lucrative turfs; because as stated, this is most of the times not possible for him! Careerfutura.com does the job on account of its dedicated capacities to maintain a dynamic database that keep brimming with the opportunities. Besides, the portal offers real time career change counselling that is available as a personalized service.

Industry seek worthy professionals

Most of the opportunities that emerge for the professionals are actually the tertiary specializations of the industry and enterprises in different verticals. The employers seek the professionals that carry a worthy experience to their credit. Careerfutura.com has developed far reaching linkages through the web channels as also the hiring agencies around the world. This allows the funneling of the best options available for the mid career change. Sort of professional dynamism has been thus created through which the ambitious minds can benefit a lot; while the industry gets the supply of high caliber choices easily!

Career change at 40 now possible!

It sometimes happens that the professional feels the antipathies with his career even after years. This occurs when a wrong choice is made at the time of career selection. Lack of proper information and guidance during middle school and higher education causes such aberrations to emerge. Now the help is available for such professionals and they can also seek changing careers at 40 or even later. These situations are somewhat different and need to be attempted through personalized career change advice. They are guided for the specialization options that can prove good for the desirable career after 40. The professionals suffering with midlife career crisis due to closures and shutdowns can also benefit through the available counselling.


Midlife Career Change

Getting into the shoes of a professional often makes the person all occupied and he gets almost disconnected with the external competitive turfs. This makes his career somewhat plateaued while the opportunities could be available for changing careers at 40. We offer resonant escorts and information about career change at 40 through banner switching or other midlife career change options.