I am 40 Years Old – Would it Be Ridiculous to Change My Career Now?

Let us tell you a story. It’s a story about two people who met in college, fell in love, and became successful corporate lawyers. And then something happened that changed life as they knew it.

Nina and her husband Tim Zagat graduated from Yale Law School and started pursuing high-flying legal careers. The juggernaut came when they were working in Paris, occasionally enjoying eating in Parisian restaurants. One fine day, they decided to compile their own list of restaurants based on their likes and dislikes — the Zagat guide. Within two years of its publishing, the guide was selling — hold your breath — 40,000 copies per year!

The Zagats eventually quit their jobs and devoted themselves to the endeavor — a business everyone in the food and restaurant space lauds. Both the Zagats had been in their late 30s.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Careers “That Late in Life”?!

Time and again, we hear of people — and people in their 40s, not only the “young and energetic” — who switched careers to become dizzyingly successful. Donald Fisher, a man with no experience in retail, opened the first Gap store in his 40s. Grandma Moses, one of the world’s most prolific artists, began her painting career at 78. Seventy-eight!

These monumental paradigm-shifts in careers aren’t impossible to fathom. Statistics report that while a higher salary and relocation are common reasons for these changes, many seek to alter their life’s focus. Many seek work that genuinely interests them, that fuels them from within.

Sometime in life, you too may feel stuck in the wrong career. You may feel that an elusive switch, right at the bend of the road, will let you achieve your real potential. But it’s between fantasizing and executing a shift that most of us get lodged, thanks to scepticism, doubt, and the fear of being ridiculed.

Is 40 Too Late to Make a Career Change?

One word: No.

It’s never too late to follow your passion in life or free yourself from a career that stifles your body and soul.

Career Guidance Through the Change: How to Switch After 40

  • Enlist a support team: Get your family and friends onboard. Little do you know, they can be excellent career advisors; their support will give you the support YOU need. They may even be able to help you deal with the financial crunch that you can expect early in the transition.
  • Get the money ready: Here’s the thumb-rule — set aside up to a year’s living expenses as an emergency fund (minimum six months). Changing careers is a massive step, and you’ve to be prepared for getting along with less money, at least for a while.
  • Seek professional career counseling: Look before you leap! Even the smartest people can make ill-considered decisions only to find themselves neither gratified nor, um, paid. It’s highly recommended to get career change advice from an expert. For instance, if you consult Career Futura, their team will take you through a complete career assessment test, analyzing your aptitude and skills, and recommend whether the transition will be lucrative in the long run. You’ll also get an excellent understanding of the job outlook, salary structure and growth prospects in the career you’ve in mind.
  • Focus on transferable skills: Worked as a counsellor in school? You’re already good with people, which is important in a Corporate Communications Team. Have full-time parenting experience with a wailing tot? You excel at patience, time management and functioning with little sleep! Keep your transferable skills — from your old job, independent projects, life experiences — in your kit-bag.
  • Participate in personal conversations: Now that you’ve started looking for diametrically different career options, your standard CV and cover letter are unlikely to suffice. In a 2016 interview with CNBC, renowned career change coach Natasha Stanley recommends that you “share your passion and life experience and enthusiasm with someone, human being to human being”. So, ditch the impersonal “job hunting” e-mail and start networking in your circle, with referrals from friends, family and colleagues, and on social media.

Pro Tip: Guess what’s one of the sharpest skills you already possess for your new career? Great passion and emotional investment! This can give you a headstart in future interviews.

They say, nothing is permanent but change. Sometimes, to steer your personal and professional life towards happiness, a change is imperative. Don’t let unfounded apprehensions and the fear of “what will people say” hold you back. Build a robust action plan and commit your energies to your dream career, your head held high.

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Power Woman Indra Nooyi : 4 Lessons Students & Professionals Should Learn From Her

Women cannot run companies. Women cannot manage personal and professional life. Women cannot do this, that and those.

Indra Nooyi

Except, they can. They do.

In a rapidly changing world where women are taking up roles previously only “destined” for men, PepsiCo Chief Indra Nooyi is an inspiration for millions. If you too aspire for the stars, dreaming of one day running a multi-billion-dollar company, check out this list of invaluable lessons from the power woman.

Tips From Indra Nooyi: Career Guidance For Professionals & Students

Padma Bhushan Indra Nooyi, the incumbent Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, is one of the most powerful women in the world. She’s at the helm of affairs in the world’s second-largest food and beverage business (after Nestle) and has been since 2006 – a whopping 12 years already! In 2015, Fortune magazine declared her the world’s 2nd most powerful woman. Beyond PepsiCo too, Indra is a force to behold. She’s part of the International Cricket Council Board – the first independent female director ever.

So, how did Indra, a girl from a simple Tamil family in Chennai with a regular childhood, become this magnificent boss-woman?

  1. Take Your Education Very, Very Seriously

This is an age where brushing off school/college is considered “cool” and “entrepreneurial”. While some dropouts do manage to win without education, there’s no denying this: education is the most potent ingredient for success. The commitment, however, must develop young, especially while choosing your stream in 10+2 and your subsequent career.

Do you know Indra’s academic background? She earned bachelor’s degrees in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Madras Christian College, Chennai. She then pursued MBA from IIM Calcutta. It doesn’t stop there. She earned a master’s degree in Public and Private Management from the Yale School of Management too. Throughout her academic life, she pursued several internships to garner on-field experience.

Tip: Even for the seriously academic-minded, professional career counselling can be highly beneficial during 10+2. Seeking this guidance lets you make an optimal stream/career decision aligned to your aptitude. Even if you’re toying with – and are daunted by – the idea of changing careers at 40, seek expert career guidance. For instance, at CareerFutura.com, you can take an in-depth aptitude/psychometric test, at the end of which you’ll get a detailed report on the careers matching your skills and personality!

  1. Build a Strategy for Everything

For any Endeavour to succeed, strategy is paramount. A chaotic, haphazard lifestyle may seem fun and impulsive and even produce temporary results, but in the long run, strategy is indispensable for academic and professional success.

Take Indra’s example. While working in PepsiCo, she identified the core problem affecting sales: a shift in consumer preferences to healthier lifestyles. This was a situation that only strategic intervention could address. Indra organized a redirection of all PepsiCo products into three categories: “fun” (say, regular Pepsi), “better” (diet Pepsi), and “good” (say, oatmeal). Then, she directed the company’s funds to the “good” category, which eventually meant that even the other two categories became healthier and hence, more coveted!

Did You Know?

One of the best examples of Indra’s strategic brilliance is her handling of the water crisis associated with PepsiCo in India. Since early 2000, PepsiCo was getting ire for wasting water in India – a country already grappling with water shortage. Indra strategized a country-wide “positive water balance” program to understand and address this problem. By 2009, according to media reports, PepsiCo had managed to restock 6 billion+ liters of water in India – much more than PepsiCo’s average intake of five billion liters! Eventually, the program was extended to other countries too. Who says a corporate career cannot be philanthropic?

  1. Diversify Your Skills & Approach

What worked for you to ace class Xth exams is not going to work in 10+2, and definitely not for entrance exams. Likewise, the approach you need for an Engineering career is very different from the requirements of Advertising. This is why, if you seek career counselling for professionals, the top suggestion you’ll get is to tailor your approach to the situational need.

Check out how Indra did it. She started her career with ‘Total’, a British textile company, and then moved on to ‘Johnson & Johnson’. From here, she completely shifted domains to Motorola and Asea Brown Boveri (an automation technology company), and finally to Pepsico.

Over the years, Indra diversified for the various brands she handled, from the woman-centered Stayfree at J&J to tech-based products at ABB and food and beverages at PepsiCo. At PepsiCo, Indra even led the formation of ‘Tricon’ (now “Yum! Brands”) that comprises KFC and Pizza Hut, among others.

Remember – diversification should also comprise non-work-related activities to re-energies your brain. Indra reportedly does this by fishing – a therapeutic hobby. During her college days, her hobbies were “wilder”: all-girls’ cricket team and rock-band!

  1. Never Grow Complacent

Satisfaction is good; complacence isn’t. Whether you’re a student or a professional, grow constantly. The day you stop is when you’re no longer an asset. Indra, even after her marvelous achievements, never stops persevering. Since her joining, PepsiCo’s profit has reportedly grown from $2.7billion to $6.5billion in 2014! She’s always exploring new arenas, such as leading sub-brands Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade to success.

Indra, you inspire! Let’s take a leaf from her book as we continue on our own academic and professional journey.

Career Counselling For Professionals Aspiring To Make A Change At 40!

Career choice is very important decision because a wrong or discrepant choice leads to inconsistencies where the professional although trained in the particular conducts and academics finds self unmatched with the work profile and his job desk. In such condition, he is left with least of possibility to make career change. Often the career decisions are made at early age when the student passes out of his middle school and opts for a particular discipline for further studies. Later on, the person realizes that his choice was not correct as per the aspirations and affinities that he possesses. However, lately, some dedicated experiments have been done through career portals that run online and assist in changing careers at 40 or even more if the professional desires! Such career change counselling is modeled in a different way whereby the professional is offered the objective help regarding the options available to him in other verticals and organizations.

Find your resonant job profile through a career change at 40

In most cases, the working professional even though not finding his resonances, remains too much occupied with the work and is thus unable to find out the option to make the switch to some other vertical or company that offers better job profile and satisfaction. The career change portals help such seekers with career change advice that includes handy information of real time importance. The switching is thus facilitated in an easy manner through a dedicated network of career counselling for professionals. A professional taking up membership at such online portal is offered ready alerts regarding the new openings and offers and such recommendations are served as personalized types after taking into account the existing qualifications and experience profile of the professional.

Take advantage of the new opportunities!

The midlife career change counselling services have become quite popular among those professionals also who are satisfied with their career choice but want to move swift up the ladder of success. For them, the portal offers resonant options that promise fatter pay scales and positions so that they can fulfill their ambitions and dreams. Thus the aspiring professionals can maintain momentum in their career after 40 through the best offers. Such an increased dynamism in the career space has been assisted by the enhanced opportunities in business sectors and the allied demand for new specializations and experienced professionals who could serve in more competent & demanding job positions in higher echelons.


Top Design Companies in India to Work For

LOGOWorking in the Creative Industries is appealing so many young and talented people. Would you like to know more about what are the different designs Industries look like? Find out more about the different designs Industries and companies in India to work for.

Top design companies in India to work for Part I

Top design companies in India to work for

Broadly speaking we can categories these companies in 12 different areas.  Do take a note that I have categorized them alphabetically and not the best area or most in demand area to work for. They are as under –

  1. Architecture Companies
  2. Broadcast Design Companies
  3. Communication Design Companies
  4. Engineering Design Companies
  5. Game Design Companies
  6. Graphic Design Companies
  7. Industrial Design Companies
  8. Interaction Design Companies
  9. Interior Design Companies
  10. Logo & Branding Design Consultancies
  11. Package Design Companies
  12. Web Design Companies

Today we will look at the first area Architecture

Top design companies in India to work for- Architecture Companies

Architecture Companies –  Architectural companies play a significant role in the development of urban infrastructure and renovations. These companies have architects that consult on and design for the construction of buildings, bridges, railway stations, parks, apartment complexes, malls and other structures. Here are the top 10 architect companies in India:

Architect Hafeez Contractor

Recognized as one of the top architects in India, Hafeez Contractor has made a global name for himself and his company, which he has named after himself. Started in 1983, the company has designed some of the most impressive and award winning structures in India including Mumbai’s Hyatt Regency, Infosys buildings in Pune, Mysore and others, and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science in Pilani.

C.P. Kukreja Associates

Based in Delhi, C.P. Kukreja is one of the top architect companies in India. It is involved in consulting in the areas like town planning, urban building and landscape design, and quantity surveying. The company has won several national and international awards for its architectural designs.

Oscar & Ponni Architects

Chennai based Oscar & Ponni Architects, also known as Oscar Concessao International, is one of the world renowned architect firms in India. It was established in 1996 by the husband-wife duo Oscar and Ponni Concessao. Its portfolio includes several award winning structures and green buildings.

Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

Founded in 1972, Kembhavi is a renowned architecture firm in India, specializing in environment friendly constructions. It offers a range of services including structural engineering, architectural designing, infrastructure project management and interior designing.

Shilpa Architects

Founded in 1979, Shilpa Architects is a multinational architectural company in India with offices in Seoul, Chicago, New York and Chennai. This award winning firm specializes in environmentally sustainable structural designs. Its portfolio has structures like the Reserve Bank of India, Paranur Railway Station and Radisson Hotels.

Talati & Panthaky Associated

TPA, established in 1975, is one of the oldest architectural companies in India. Its services include architecture designing, construction supervision, urban planning and interior designing. Over the years the company has won several awards for its designs. Its previous projects include Jindal Mansion, Palais Royale, and Birla Group Corporate Building.

Christopher Charles Benninger Architects

CCBA is a famous architect company in India, well known for designing the Tsechu National Ceremonial Plaza in Thimpu, Bhutan. Its other projects include the Ashoka Universal School in Nasik, India House in Pune and the Institute of Social Sciences in Delhi. The company is headed by world renowned architect, Professor Benninger.

Manchanda Associates

Founded in 1993, Manchanda Associates is an architectural consulting firm that specializes in urban, health care and environmental construction planning and design. The company has experience in designing hospitals, industrial buildings, corporate offices, and housing complexes.

N.M. Roof Designers Ltd. 

N.M. Roof Designers is a famous architect company in India. It deals with consulting and designing infrastructural projects like bridges, factories, apartment complexes, malls and other buildings. The company was established in 1986 and has since done remarkable work in the structural and construction designing fields.

Architecture Brio

Architecture Brio is among the top architectural companies in India, well known for its elaborate yet green designs. Some of its well known works include the Biodiversity Training Institute in Sikkim, Dunhill Beach Cottage in Goa and Lighthouse Village in Sri Lanka. The company is based in Mumbai.

In my coming posts I will share information about the rest of the categories, till then happy reading.

Note: The list of companies in not full-fledged and comprehensive. Readers are advised to do more research if they are looking for more information or job opportunities. I am sure that there are other companies who are providing such kind of services and doing well. In no way we at Careerfutura.com endorse any of these companies, in what so ever nature, mentioned in this article.

Source: http://www.bestindiansites.com/top-companies/architech


Top design companies in India to work for Part II


In my yesterdays post  I had mentioned about the 12 different areas in Design.  Here is a recap of the 12 areas, they are –

  1. Architecture Companies
  2. Broadcast Design Companies
  3. Communication Design Companies
  4. Engineering Design Companies
  5. Game Design Companies
  6. Graphic Design Companies
  7. Industrial Design Companies
  8. Interaction Design Companies
  9. Interior Design Companies
  10. Logo & Branding Design Consultancies
  11. Package Design Companies
  12. Web Design Companies

Today we will look at some more areas

Broadcast Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Broadcast Design

A broadcast designer is a person involved with creating graphic designs and electronic media incorporated in television productions that are used by character generator (CG) operators.

Source: http://www.wikipedia.org/


Dynamite is a full-service broadcast design and branding agency based out of Bombay. We help channels brand themselves, their shows, and related properties.

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for:

  • Channel packaging
  • Show packaging
  • Off-air design
  • Brand + identity development
  • Promo and ident production
  • Animated and live-action shoots


From new network branding graphics packages to complete brand overhauls, advertising, brand consultation to local affiliate and syndicated broadcast & webcast designs. Renderon is your one-stop shop to invent or re-invigorate your brand with our world class total branding solutions.

Founded in 2002 our studio started with the idea of building a creative agency that would serve our clients with stunning design and brand strategies. Our work captures emotion through engaging visuals and world-class design. Our creative team uses its diverse background in broadcast media to produce unique imagery and ideas to deliver strong creative messages and clear branding solutions.

Communication Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Communication Design

Communication design is the practice of planning and shaping a message in content, form and delivery. Communication designers craft effective and expressive ways to share ideas with others, using an approach focusing on both problem-solving and persuasion.

Communication design is a both a broad term and field. It potentially encompasses a number of design practices, including information design, information architecture, advertising and marketing. Communication design is about message and effect; it focuses on touching people through transmission of ideas. Therefore communication design comes with a responsibility to compassionately understand the recipient’s existing perceptions and systems of beliefs, while designing solutions that fulfill the sender’s goals in sharing his/her ideas.

Source: Luminant Design


We’re an Integrated Marketing Communications consultancy operated by communication experts and designers who bring historically proven communication principles, the highest quality production values, and a fresh perspective to every project.


We believe that Design is an approach to addressing needs for businesses, adding value to products, environments & services. We help organizations stand out and succeed. We work across diverse clientele from small start-ups to large organizations.

Identix Design Co.

identiX Design Co. provides design and consulting services in corporate identity, promotional literature, exhibition, branding, advertising, web media and production. We work together with the corporate, industrial and arts sectors to produce a variety of striking communication materials.

Engineering Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Engineering Design

Definitions of Engineering Design on the Web:

  • The systematic and creative application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems.
  • Engineering Design is the creative, iterative and often open-ended process of conceiving and developing components, systems and processes. Design requires the integration of engineering, basic and mathematical sciences. A designer works under constraints, taking into account economic, health and safety, social and environmental factors, codes of practice and applicable laws.


VIDVUS provides design & engineering solutions aimed at giving you the competitive edge in the market place by differentiating your products at a lower cost and a shorter time to market. Our innovative but pragmatic approach to product development ensures ideas don’t remain just ideas but are transformed to reality.

Our focus and expertise is in providing product development solutions to the discrete & process manufacturing, architecture and construction sectors. Our team consists of experienced engineers and consultants with specialized knowledge and experience to provide innovative and optimal solutions.

 Note: The list of companies in not full-fledged and comprehensive. Readers are advised to do more research if they are looking for more information or job opportunities. I am sure that there are other companies who are providing such kind of services and doing well. In no way we at carrerfutura.com endorse any of these companies, in what so ever nature, mentioned in this article.

Source: http://www.dexigner.com/directory/loc/India/Firms.html


Build Your Career With The Help Of Careerfutura

d28dc-career2bchange2badviceThe education support Programmes at the career counselling sites are generally aimed at overcoming the lack of opportunities available to the needy. They also work towards imparting skills which help students to decide Career Option After 12th. Careerfutura works with a belief that the extensive network of students needs to be trained with career assessment test which makes them knowledgeable to take decisions after the schooling. The entire program aims to increase employment opportunities through imparting skills & laying a solid foundation of education for students to decide what to do after graduation.


Their career assessment tests are more focused towards understanding the as-is condition of every student to decide career option after 12th. The test comprises of questions and cases which help in determining the positives and negatives of each student. They have experts who analyse the career assessment test of students; give solutions and suggestions which will enhance the career opportunities of every individual. These tests are offered for students from 8th to 10th to 12th to graduates and professionals. Depending on the age of students, their education background the tests are conducted by careerfutura to help students decide What to do After Graduation.

At careerfutura general routine tests are also organized which are known as habit tests. They help parents in determining the study capability of a student. The tests are more oriented towards checking the memory power, concentration levels and other aspects which will determine how the students are interested in learning a subject.

career guidance for professionals

Careerfutura is the only counselling centre which can provide online reports on student’s capability to help parents in improving their marks in academic. With this particular support, parents can make children increase their concentration power, they can identify the best ways to teach them and finally motivate them to study effectively.

Besides career counselling, the careerfutura also helps associates to play a greater role in improving the students in the country. The company offers best services to associates in the form of guidance and access to all careerfutura documents which will help them to serve the students better and in particular giving strong plans for Career Option After 10th for children. Joining with careerfutura as associates is very simple and you can get the better margin to have a successful career in the field of counselling.

For More Information Please Visit… Career Counselling for Professionals

Source :- Click Here

Midlife Career Change

Getting into the shoes of a professional often makes the person all occupied and he gets almost disconnected with the external competitive turfs. This makes his career somewhat plateaued while the opportunities could be available for changing careers at 40. We offer resonant escorts and information about career change at 40 through banner switching or other midlife career change options.