6 Things Successful Career Counsellors Do To Have a Rewarding Career Themselves

Helping others is its own reward. It feels incredible when you’ve helped someone arrive at a decision, guided them along the way, and it turned out to be a life-changer for them. This, precisely, is what career advisors do: give students and professionals career-related advice to help them attain glorious results. But how do advisors achieve glory in THEIR career?

Things All Successful Career Counsellors Do

  1. They always remember their real purpose

Being a counsellor is a vocation – you do it because you want to help others and make a positive difference to their lives. As your vocation grows into a business, it’s easy to lose sight of this purpose and start focusing wholly on making money, taking on more clients than you can handle, and treating counselling like an assembly-line production. That can be your undoing.

  1. They build their own niche

Career planning and advice is a vaster field than many people realize. Counselling a student who just got his Class 10th results and his trying to choose a stream is nothing like counselling a professional in his/her 30s who wants to change careers. Winning counsellors work on building a niche (or multiple niches) and train themselves to excel at these choices. They don’t take on a client they wouldn’t be able to serve well, even if there is plentiful payoff involved.


  1. They rely on research-backed assessment

While sound intuition is a great bonus for a career counsellor, you must have a foolproof fallback plan. A research-backed, carefully developed assessment/test is indispensable for understanding your clients’ aptitude, personality and fitment to a career. An excellent example is the well-researched psychometric test developed by CareerFutura, a leading career guidance company in India. The test has been scientifically designed in consultation with educationists.

  1. They see their clients as people

You are in a people-oriented business and your clients are people, not cash cows. A career counsellor who is not attuned to the needs of his/her clients, doesn’t have the capability to empathise and guide, and is unwilling to devote time to understanding a client’s individual situation, demographics, learning styles and thought process is unlikely to make progress.

  1. They associate with domain leaders

To become a successful career counsellor, you must either have a strong acumen for entrepreneurship or let domain leaders bolster your skills and help you build your practice. A lucrative golden mean is to take up a franchise opportunity under the umbrella of an established brand. For example, if you associate with CareerFutura, you’ll get access not only to their brand name and comprehensive assessment tests, but you’ll also stand to benefit from the streamlined business operations that come with a leading organisation. This means, you can devote your energies to your true passion: providing career guidance to a growing community of students and working professionals.

  1. They constantly hone their skills

As a career counsellor, you’ll be advising people on one of the most important aspects of their lives. It’s imperative to stay updated with the latest in your niche(s), especially in education, the corporate world, and human resource development. A good career advisor attends networking events, conferences and workshops and goes in for certifications and courses that can sharpen his/her skills. For instance, the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) in New Delhi offers a diploma in guidance and counselling.

The career franchise business is a rapidly growing field in India, with abundant opportunities to marry your penchant for helping others and your entrepreneurial ambitions. All the best!


Seek Professional Help To Discover The Right Career After 12th

career change adviceThe 12th standard is the most crucial year in the life of a student. Once this year ends, not only does the protected school life of the students comes to an end, but the students now to step out in the real world and take some tough decisions about their future. Whatever decisions they take at this stage, the consequences of those decisions will have to be borne by them for the rest of their life. Therefore, when choosing Courses After 12th it becomes important that students understand all the various options that are available before them, and choose a field which excites them and where they want to spend their rest of their lives.

Seeking Help From Professionals Is A Good Option

There are numerous specializations which are present these days for the students to choose from. A student may be interested in nature, but this field not being a very popular field, he or she may not be aware of the various career opportunities that are present in this field. By seeking help from a professional career counsellor, the student can know about all the possible career options that are present in this field, along with their scope for growth in the future. With this information in hand, the student would be able to take a much better decision about his or her future. Therefore, seeking guidance from professionals about Career After 12th is a smart thing to do.


Personalized Decisions Making

For want of better knowledge, most of the students end up choosing courses after 12th, as well as careers after 12th which are most popular and many other students are opting for, instead of trying to figure out what they are good at and finding the right career path in that direction. This herd mentality is not right, and eventually the student would find himself or herself stuck in a job, which neither excites them nor interests them. By visiting a good career counsellor, the students will be able to know about the career scope in those fields which interest them and thereby spend the rest of their lives doing something that they are passionate about.

It is important for the students to understand that the career that they choose after 12th is something that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives and hence, it is important that they search for courses and careers that they enjoy and would make them happy.

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Don’t Panic While Choosing A Career After 12 – Analyse Yourself


Once the students enter 12th standard, they start thinking of career option after 12th and worry a lot. But, now students can feel free and not worry about what to do after 12th as careerfutura is now there to guide and help students to show them the path of success.

What to do after 12th is not a question which can be easily answered or assessed. By looking at the depth of the question, careerfutura introduced scientific ways in which they assess students and show them the career option after 12th through career assessment test. The career assessment test basically understands the strengths of the students, their weakness, and their academic history and then suggests recommendation on what is the best career option after 12th for an individual.


Their experts who have up to date knowledge of how the industry is shaping gives advice to the students on which stream to focus upon. The expert advice not only stops in showing the career stream, but also extend the services in reviewing the colleges in the country and suggest options on which college, which place and which course to take.

The career counselling company also examine each course college offers and then suggests the best course for students based on their interest and capability to succeed. They take extra care in giving suggestions and career counselling to students since they are aware that the student’s future is at stake. All the suggestions which they offer to the students are majorly focussed on giving a good career opportunity which has the potential to make the student learn more in life. They generally assess student’s personality, knowledge, aptitude, and attitude and then suggest the best course. Their career psychotherapist or career leadership service can understand the student’s Ability scores and support them find their correct Progress or Profession.

career guidance for professionals

The career guidance after the Career Assessment Test with students having the dilemma of What to do After 12th is tremendously helpful and one can yield assistance of the career specialists / expert analysts at anytime and any date in the year.

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Join As An Associate To Help Youth In Determining Their Future

career change adviceBecome a Career Counsellor, it is a great profession in terms of serving the youth of the country and creating a better future for them individually and the country as a whole. At careerfutura great plan are offered for the associates to join their journey of improving the career of students in India through various Career Assessment Test, courses and counselling. The plans laid out for the counselor jobs are drafted overhauling all the needs of business, resources and to offer the best career counselling services for students in the country.

Partnering with careerfutura will definitely give confidence to our associates because we are the leading national player in India in the field of career counselling and we have a large base of students reach.


The resources at careerfutura are plenty and will surely help the associates to save time and money. After joining as associates, all the cutting edge technology which careerfutura had designed over the years will be accessible and the associates can just start running in servicing students and making revenues.

The associates will be allowed to use all the important careerfutura material like the career assessment test, education material which will help students to choose career option after 10th and 12th, habit tests, online reports, psychometric test and real time expert advice. They can access the material and are free to perform the following programs for students and professional people-

  • Career Assessment test for career option after 8th
  • Career Assessment test for career option after 10th
  • Career Assessment test for career option after 12th
  • Career Assessment test for career option after graduation
  • Career Assessment test for profession
  • Study habit test for all age groups
  • Live expert advice and all career manuals
  • Talks to experts and reports on various past tests
  • Personalized counselling sessions
  • Study report and access to all information online for 365 days

career change advice

If you are interested in changing the lives of students and making money in the process, then you need to come and join careerfutura. You need to have only the aspect of passion to serve the community with few resources and certain general skills of administration.

All are welcome to join hands with careerfutura to make a greater and leading franchise in educational sector for providing the finest of profession counselling facilities in India for students.

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What to Choose as a Career Option After 12th


Today’s world is very different than it was 20-25 years ago. Education has become a necessity to everybody. Usually after completing their schooling life, students start gets confusing about what to do after 12th or what to choose as a career option after 12th. There are numerous numbers of options available for Courses After 12th. Thus changes in career counselling and career guidance are attracting people’s attention. Every concerned guardian is taking the initiative to opt their children for best courses after 12. You should understand your abilities, strength, and weaknesses and then choose what after 12th.


 How career counselling and proper guidance can lead you to a successful life?

Are you too confused about what to do after 12th? There is no need to worry. Career counselling and proper career guidance can direct you to be successful. Choosing right Career option after 12th can be quite difficult and frustrating when you are unaware of your interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Think if a situation that you choose that courses after 12th that you love to study. Nobody can stop you from being successful and reach the sky. There are a number of new courses and career options that people are unaware of. Proper career counselling by professionals and experts can change your entire life.  The career experts provide recent information on the new courses which are in the demand and also provide the necessary details of scope and domain of each and every career option after 12th.

career guidance for professionals

 What after 12th?

Career counselling is the new way to make new and innovative changes in the career life of young people. The professionals and expert have the ability to gather your strength, weakness, and potential and then help you decide what after 12th. You should realize that the courses after 12th which you can opt without any sort of special interest match and determination can only lead you to the path of failure. So there is a requirement to take initiative for career counselling for development and growth of your future venture. The counsellors are equipped with tools like career assessment tests, global career opportunities and much more to help you take the right step for building the stairs of success. Your entire life is based upon What After 12th. Taking right decision for your career option can be like laying foundations of gold and diamonds. So there is no need to worry or panic in case you are not smart enough with studies, all you need to do is examine yourself and take the right decision for you and your entire life.

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Become A Career Advisor And Make Contribution To The Growing Educational Franchise

career change advice

India is a country of the young people. A recent study shows that India is one of the youngest countries in the world. However, in spite of such a huge young population, India is still not able to compete with the rest of the world in most of the sectors, for the simple reason of lack of proper and good education. The governments have been making efforts in this field, but not much advancement has been made. There is an increased demand from the young Indians for a quality educational system and this is what makes taking up a Franchise in Educational Sector a great franchise business opportunity.

career counselling for professionals

Top schools and colleges from across the globe are viewing India as an educational hub and therefore, offerin g Indians the chance to opt for various roles in this field of education. Therefore, you can either choose to take up Franchise Opportunities or become a Career Counselor. Choosing to become a Career Advisor may involve less risk in terms of money. Also, the scope for growth is high in education franchise opportunities. It is, however, very important that when you decide to pursue Franchise Career opportunities, you need to have a passion for education. When you become a career consultant, you take on the responsibility of shaping the future of all those students who seek help and assistance from you, and therefore, it is imperative that you should be willing to put in all your effort to ensure that these students receive complete, authentic and correct career advice.

midlife career change counseling

There are many options present in the market for Educational Franchise, and you can choose from any of these options. It is always advisable to choose to associate yourself with that parent company, which has the same goals and objectives as you, so that there are no clashes of ideologies once you start working as their franchise. Being a franchise of some company, you would have to adhere to the laid out rules and policies of the parent company, and hence, you need to be comfortable with these policies, so that long term relationships can be formed between you and the parent company.

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Careerfutura Offers Dedicated Mid-Career Change Options And Counseling For Professionals

The economic turfs have got brisk paced throughout the world because the demand – requirement cycles have gone buoyant. While the primary verticals have expanded greatly, the secondary and tertiary verticals have also increased that signify the differentiations in economy. All such dynamism has led to the demand for the professionals with niche specializations; these specializations are many times not found in the academics due to backlashed responses there. On the other hand, professionals who gain requisite experiences could benefit through midlife career change options. These options are tremendous and as stated above, these are in tandem with the economic differentiations. Only the correct career counselling for working professionals is required! To patch up the counseling demand for them, websites like careerfututra.com have come up with their diversified and very dedicated career guidance for professionals.

Midlife career change counselling for professionals at careerfutura.com

The fact is that most of the professionals are not even aware of the best options that keep emerging for them. They generally remain anonymous and busy on their work desks as an incumbent. Careerfutura.com as a specialized portal brings for them, the live opportunities so that they can have the career change through switches. There are direct benefits in terms of packages, perks and designations. There is nothing to loose for them! A practical corollary of such guides is also that there is no need for the professional to take out time from his crunched routines and go looking for the lucrative turfs; because as stated, this is most of the times not possible for him! Careerfutura.com does the job on account of its dedicated capacities to maintain a dynamic database that keep brimming with the opportunities. Besides, the portal offers real time career change counselling that is available as a personalized service.

Industry seek worthy professionals

Most of the opportunities that emerge for the professionals are actually the tertiary specializations of the industry and enterprises in different verticals. The employers seek the professionals that carry a worthy experience to their credit. Careerfutura.com has developed far reaching linkages through the web channels as also the hiring agencies around the world. This allows the funneling of the best options available for the mid career change. Sort of professional dynamism has been thus created through which the ambitious minds can benefit a lot; while the industry gets the supply of high caliber choices easily!

Career change at 40 now possible!

It sometimes happens that the professional feels the antipathies with his career even after years. This occurs when a wrong choice is made at the time of career selection. Lack of proper information and guidance during middle school and higher education causes such aberrations to emerge. Now the help is available for such professionals and they can also seek changing careers at 40 or even later. These situations are somewhat different and need to be attempted through personalized career change advice. They are guided for the specialization options that can prove good for the desirable career after 40. The professionals suffering with midlife career crisis due to closures and shutdowns can also benefit through the available counselling.


Real Time Career Counselling For The Professionals Helping Them Move Up Fast

Many a time it happens that due to inconsistent decision, a person moves into a career that he finds unsuitable due to one or the other reason. This emerges out as a pathetic situation for him because the time to make a reversal is long gone! However, now some dedicated escorts have been made available that facilitate midlife career change for the professionals. Those who seek career change at 40 or so could make use of the passages offered through such platforms. Many such escorts are being hosted via the online interfaces that add up as the dynamic resource base of the ready opportunities. The professionals from the respective fields could look out for the available turfs for making the transitions and career change.

Serving the resonant opportunities!

Career guidance for professionals has emerged as a definitive service of the career sites. There are reasons for such dedicated catering! In countries like India, where the economic differentiation has started to show up strongly, there have emerged opportunities also for the professionals. Skilled and experienced professionals can make the transitions to the finer pursuits and gain more to their credit. Only the real-time career counselling for professionals is what is required! Most of the professionals aspire to move up fast but they get immersed in their work routines and responsibilities as an incumbent. This is ironic because their present routines curb their initiatives to scout for the opportunities of future. It is here that the online channels assume significance! These web portals host career counselling for working professionals in real-time and one can have the resonant information just by logging in as a member or as a free visitor. Any good opportunity could be tried for and substantiated. More of the professionals are now benefiting and moving up in their career graph.

The professionals who are suffering midlife career crisis can also leverage and ride upon the opportunities being served by the online career change counselling sites. A more proactive scanning of turfs is required and the dedicated online platforms serve the same in a streamlined manner. These portals are backed by teams that continue to look out for the new requisitioning of the experienced HR in different verticals. These are objectively listed in the database and the seekers can make their mid career change. Moreover, some leading portals also offer personalized midlife career change counselling so as to guide the seekers to the right destinations.

Online Career Guidance for Professionals Emerging As a Demanded Service

Career counselling for professionals is rather a new phenomenon in the emergent times. The yester decades have recognized the professionals as more concerned with their calibers and aptitudes and seldom with the additional career orientations which is considered a domain of the students alone. However, now there is a manifested economic dynamism and more factors and dimensions play vital role of the determinants.

More choices for the working professionals now!

The newer differentiations in the industry and services have led to the opening of the broader turfs for the professionals to maneuver and catalyze their careers and orientations. For that reason, changing careers at 40s is fairly common these days and there are broadly two categories in this segment. The first one pertains to the professionals which are not satisfied with their work orientations and are looking to adopt other specialization. The second one includes the professionals who want to switch to better career choices which are more lucrative than their present one! This has led to the popularity of the career counselling for working professionals and every year we find greater number of switches and changeovers.

Real time information catering for the professionals

Another dimension of real time career switches is the offering of the fatter pay scales and packages and the hiring of the experienced professionals directly from the rival banners. The objective of such targeted hiring is to enhance the self efficiency through the import of caliber and acumen of manifested value. However, many professionals remain unaware of the emergent development of such kind in their field of specialization. A sort of information gap is created and this slows down the progress curve of the individual professional who could benefit from the choices available to him.  The only thing required is the appropriate career guidance for professionals so that there is no information gap. Some online portals have specialized as the career guidance cum counselling sites for the working professionals and they ride upon their information databases and networking pools.

As the web orientations are getting broad based, more of the professionals are prepared to make the smart moves and switches and thus glide through the best career choices. Dedicated online counseling has proved to be major boost for them because real time information is offered as per the resonant specialization held by the seeker. Also, there is no need to break one’s work cycles and everything is catered online.

Midlife Career Change

Getting into the shoes of a professional often makes the person all occupied and he gets almost disconnected with the external competitive turfs. This makes his career somewhat plateaued while the opportunities could be available for changing careers at 40. We offer resonant escorts and information about career change at 40 through banner switching or other midlife career change options.