Top Design Companies in India to Work For

LOGOWorking in the Creative Industries is appealing so many young and talented people. Would you like to know more about what are the different designs Industries look like? Find out more about the different designs Industries and companies in India to work for.

Top design companies in India to work for Part I

Top design companies in India to work for

Broadly speaking we can categories these companies in 12 different areas.  Do take a note that I have categorized them alphabetically and not the best area or most in demand area to work for. They are as under –

  1. Architecture Companies
  2. Broadcast Design Companies
  3. Communication Design Companies
  4. Engineering Design Companies
  5. Game Design Companies
  6. Graphic Design Companies
  7. Industrial Design Companies
  8. Interaction Design Companies
  9. Interior Design Companies
  10. Logo & Branding Design Consultancies
  11. Package Design Companies
  12. Web Design Companies

Today we will look at the first area Architecture

Top design companies in India to work for- Architecture Companies

Architecture Companies –  Architectural companies play a significant role in the development of urban infrastructure and renovations. These companies have architects that consult on and design for the construction of buildings, bridges, railway stations, parks, apartment complexes, malls and other structures. Here are the top 10 architect companies in India:

Architect Hafeez Contractor

Recognized as one of the top architects in India, Hafeez Contractor has made a global name for himself and his company, which he has named after himself. Started in 1983, the company has designed some of the most impressive and award winning structures in India including Mumbai’s Hyatt Regency, Infosys buildings in Pune, Mysore and others, and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science in Pilani.

C.P. Kukreja Associates

Based in Delhi, C.P. Kukreja is one of the top architect companies in India. It is involved in consulting in the areas like town planning, urban building and landscape design, and quantity surveying. The company has won several national and international awards for its architectural designs.

Oscar & Ponni Architects

Chennai based Oscar & Ponni Architects, also known as Oscar Concessao International, is one of the world renowned architect firms in India. It was established in 1996 by the husband-wife duo Oscar and Ponni Concessao. Its portfolio includes several award winning structures and green buildings.

Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

Founded in 1972, Kembhavi is a renowned architecture firm in India, specializing in environment friendly constructions. It offers a range of services including structural engineering, architectural designing, infrastructure project management and interior designing.

Shilpa Architects

Founded in 1979, Shilpa Architects is a multinational architectural company in India with offices in Seoul, Chicago, New York and Chennai. This award winning firm specializes in environmentally sustainable structural designs. Its portfolio has structures like the Reserve Bank of India, Paranur Railway Station and Radisson Hotels.

Talati & Panthaky Associated

TPA, established in 1975, is one of the oldest architectural companies in India. Its services include architecture designing, construction supervision, urban planning and interior designing. Over the years the company has won several awards for its designs. Its previous projects include Jindal Mansion, Palais Royale, and Birla Group Corporate Building.

Christopher Charles Benninger Architects

CCBA is a famous architect company in India, well known for designing the Tsechu National Ceremonial Plaza in Thimpu, Bhutan. Its other projects include the Ashoka Universal School in Nasik, India House in Pune and the Institute of Social Sciences in Delhi. The company is headed by world renowned architect, Professor Benninger.

Manchanda Associates

Founded in 1993, Manchanda Associates is an architectural consulting firm that specializes in urban, health care and environmental construction planning and design. The company has experience in designing hospitals, industrial buildings, corporate offices, and housing complexes.

N.M. Roof Designers Ltd. 

N.M. Roof Designers is a famous architect company in India. It deals with consulting and designing infrastructural projects like bridges, factories, apartment complexes, malls and other buildings. The company was established in 1986 and has since done remarkable work in the structural and construction designing fields.

Architecture Brio

Architecture Brio is among the top architectural companies in India, well known for its elaborate yet green designs. Some of its well known works include the Biodiversity Training Institute in Sikkim, Dunhill Beach Cottage in Goa and Lighthouse Village in Sri Lanka. The company is based in Mumbai.

In my coming posts I will share information about the rest of the categories, till then happy reading.

Note: The list of companies in not full-fledged and comprehensive. Readers are advised to do more research if they are looking for more information or job opportunities. I am sure that there are other companies who are providing such kind of services and doing well. In no way we at endorse any of these companies, in what so ever nature, mentioned in this article.




Top design companies in India to work for Part II


In my yesterdays post  I had mentioned about the 12 different areas in Design.  Here is a recap of the 12 areas, they are –

  1. Architecture Companies
  2. Broadcast Design Companies
  3. Communication Design Companies
  4. Engineering Design Companies
  5. Game Design Companies
  6. Graphic Design Companies
  7. Industrial Design Companies
  8. Interaction Design Companies
  9. Interior Design Companies
  10. Logo & Branding Design Consultancies
  11. Package Design Companies
  12. Web Design Companies

Today we will look at some more areas

Broadcast Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Broadcast Design

A broadcast designer is a person involved with creating graphic designs and electronic media incorporated in television productions that are used by character generator (CG) operators.



Dynamite is a full-service broadcast design and branding agency based out of Bombay. We help channels brand themselves, their shows, and related properties.

We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for:

  • Channel packaging
  • Show packaging
  • Off-air design
  • Brand + identity development
  • Promo and ident production
  • Animated and live-action shoots


From new network branding graphics packages to complete brand overhauls, advertising, brand consultation to local affiliate and syndicated broadcast & webcast designs. Renderon is your one-stop shop to invent or re-invigorate your brand with our world class total branding solutions.

Founded in 2002 our studio started with the idea of building a creative agency that would serve our clients with stunning design and brand strategies. Our work captures emotion through engaging visuals and world-class design. Our creative team uses its diverse background in broadcast media to produce unique imagery and ideas to deliver strong creative messages and clear branding solutions.

Communication Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Communication Design

Communication design is the practice of planning and shaping a message in content, form and delivery. Communication designers craft effective and expressive ways to share ideas with others, using an approach focusing on both problem-solving and persuasion.

Communication design is a both a broad term and field. It potentially encompasses a number of design practices, including information design, information architecture, advertising and marketing. Communication design is about message and effect; it focuses on touching people through transmission of ideas. Therefore communication design comes with a responsibility to compassionately understand the recipient’s existing perceptions and systems of beliefs, while designing solutions that fulfill the sender’s goals in sharing his/her ideas.

Source: Luminant Design


We’re an Integrated Marketing Communications consultancy operated by communication experts and designers who bring historically proven communication principles, the highest quality production values, and a fresh perspective to every project.


We believe that Design is an approach to addressing needs for businesses, adding value to products, environments & services. We help organizations stand out and succeed. We work across diverse clientele from small start-ups to large organizations.

Identix Design Co.

identiX Design Co. provides design and consulting services in corporate identity, promotional literature, exhibition, branding, advertising, web media and production. We work together with the corporate, industrial and arts sectors to produce a variety of striking communication materials.

Engineering Design Companies

Top design companies in India to work for-Engineering Design

Definitions of Engineering Design on the Web:

  • The systematic and creative application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems.
  • Engineering Design is the creative, iterative and often open-ended process of conceiving and developing components, systems and processes. Design requires the integration of engineering, basic and mathematical sciences. A designer works under constraints, taking into account economic, health and safety, social and environmental factors, codes of practice and applicable laws.


VIDVUS provides design & engineering solutions aimed at giving you the competitive edge in the market place by differentiating your products at a lower cost and a shorter time to market. Our innovative but pragmatic approach to product development ensures ideas don’t remain just ideas but are transformed to reality.

Our focus and expertise is in providing product development solutions to the discrete & process manufacturing, architecture and construction sectors. Our team consists of experienced engineers and consultants with specialized knowledge and experience to provide innovative and optimal solutions.

 Note: The list of companies in not full-fledged and comprehensive. Readers are advised to do more research if they are looking for more information or job opportunities. I am sure that there are other companies who are providing such kind of services and doing well. In no way we at endorse any of these companies, in what so ever nature, mentioned in this article.



Three ways on How to Stimulate Curiosity


Curiosity is the engine of intellectual achievement — it’s what drives us to keep learning, keep trying, and keep pushing forward. But how does one generate curiosity, in oneself or others? George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, proposed an answer in the classic 1994 paper, “The Psychology of Curiosity.”

Curiosity arises, Loewenstein wrote, “When attention becomes focused on a gap in one’s knowledge. Such information gaps produce the feeling of deprivation labeled curiosity. The curious individual is motivated to obtain the missing information to reduce or eliminate the feeling of deprivation.” Loewenstein’s theory helps explain why curiosity is such a potent motivator: it’s not only a mental state but also an emotion, a powerful feeling that impels us forward until we find the information that will fill in the gap in our knowledge.

Here, Three ways on How to Stimulate Curiosity:

Three practical ways on How to Stimulate Curiosity

1. Start with the question. Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham notes that teachers — along with parents, managers, and leaders of all kinds — are often “so eager to get to the answer that we do not devote sufficient time to developing the question,” Willingham writes in his book, Why Don’t Students Like School? 

Three practical ways on How to Stimulate CuriosityYet it’s the question that stimulates curiosity; being told an answer quells curiosity before it can even get going. Instead of starting with the answer, begin by posing for yourself and others a genuinely interesting question — one that opens an information gap.

2. Prime the pump. In his 1994 paper, George Loewenstein noted that curiosity requires some initial knowledge. We’re not curious about something we know absolutely nothing about. But as soon as we know even a little bit, our curiosity is piqued and we want to learn more. In fact, research shows that curiosity increases with knowledge: the more we know, the more we want to know. To get this process started, Loewenstein suggests, “Prime the pump” with some intriguing but incomplete information.

3. Bring in communication. Language teachers have long put a similar idea to use in exercises that open an information gap and then require learners to communicate with each other in order to fill it. For example, one student might be given a series of pictures illustrating the beginning of the story, while the student’s partner is given a series of pictures showing how that same story ends. Only by speaking with each other (in the foreign language they are learning, of course) can the students fill in each others’ information gaps?

This technique can be adapted to all kinds of settings: for example, colleagues from different departments could be asked to complete a task together, one that requires the identification of information gaps that the coworkers, with their different areas of expertise, must fill in for each other. Communication solves the problem — and leaves the participants curious to know more. Source: Time


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The Pros And Cons of Foreign Education


Studying abroad is a dream for most of the youngsters in India.  Quality of education is the primary reason why students and parents prefer overseas education. In addition to this most of the universities in foreign countries offer quite flexible courses allowing the students to switch between courses based on the student’s interest; this facility is not available in our country which has a rigid course structure.

Point taken! Yes studying at foreign universities does have its own merits, no doubt in that.  But while taking the decision you should not take it blindly that once you have acquired a foreign education your life is set.

Let’s have a look at The pros and cons of foreign education

The pros and cons of foreign education

Foreign degree: Will it get you a job in India?

It becomes more critical now for aspirants to ask this question as the prospects of finding a job abroad and settling there are diminishing.

Certainly, studying abroad makes your CV stand out. But how far does it help you in fetching a job back home? It becomes more critical now for aspirants to ask this question as the prospects of finding a job abroad and settling there are diminishing.
Vidya Iyengar examines The pros and cons of foreign education.

When Sujay Narayan flew back home after completing his master’s in the US, he was starry-eyed and high on hopes. He assumed he was in demand here and that his foreign degree would help him land a job of his choice, in a New York minute. His dismay, long after his return, the job hunt still continues.

Sujay is not a loner. Similar was the case of Amit Chatterjee, who finished his masters from a recognised foreign institution but has been unable to find a job in the area of his specialisation till date. “I invested so much of money thinking that when I complete the degree, I would be absorbed easily because of my international degree. However, now I am being turned down by companies I approach and the degree is not even being considered,” he says, adding that some companies say his specialisation is too niche and is irrelevant in India.

Giving up his job search, Chatterjee has now decided to prepare for MBA.

Fad for foreign universities

The pros and cons of foreign educationWhy this turnaround? “HR managers at companies have a list of universities. If a particular university is not on their list of qualified universities, the candidate will not be considered for selection,” reasons Yogesh Saigal, a HR consultant, adding that many universities in London, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia are not trusted. “No one knows about these universities and companies don’t trust them,” he adds.

There’s a fad for foreign studies. “India is reeling under a marketing bombardment. Foreign universities are wooing Indian students, especially those from the middle-income group, promising bright futures. With the Ivy-league colleges and Tier-1 universities being expensive and difficult to get into, students finally choose lesser-known universities,” he says.

On-campus interviews, no jobs for fresher’s

Saigal complaints about the IT industries. “Most companies just recruit on campus and are otherwise not looking for freshers. It’s actually a double whammy,” he rues.

That’s why; Sandhya Vijayan took what she calls a proactive turn. “I was aspiring to go abroad for higher studies when I joined college. But I later changed my mind.” She has just completed her graduation and waiting to join an international media organisation, which has its business site in Bangalore. “Yes, studying abroad is beneficial in many ways. Unlike in India, you begin at a much higher level and can expect a better pay.”

Foreign universities continue to entice Indian students with colourful dreams. While some choose a university in a country they like and set off to study there with a hope of finding a job and settling there after the studies, others think a foreign degree would give the candidate an edge when it comes to job interviews.

Students who study abroad tend to improve their English language skills, some see better career prospects. Overseas education can also be intellectually enriching and expose the students to a mix of cultures, making their learning comprehensive. “But I had to change my mind after bad news coming in. The crisis struck and the visa policy was recently changed in the UK, making it difficult for Indian citizens to find a job and settle there. So, I thought it wouldn’t be a wise thing to go abroad, unless one wants to go in for super specialisation. But I still believe the US is the best for research.”

Educationists and experts, too, recommend foreign institutions for higher studies and specialisation. It all depends on which kind of course you choose and in which subject you want to specialise in. Experts also warn students to choose the institution carefully, whether it’s Indian or foreign, and analyse the job prospects before choosing a course or institution.

Markets down, unemployment increasing abroad

When the markets are down and unemployment rates rising abroad, opting for just about any university abroad just makes matters worse. “A foreign degree does not ensure a job in India. Also most of the students go abroad to universities that are not well-recognised. Many of these universities don’t offer placement opportunities in India and students are left to look for jobs on their own. They have to try random companies and many end up in the BPO sector. Getting a job is not easy at all, unless they have connections,” said Kris Lakshmikanth, CEO and MD of search firm HeadHunters.

Choose the best

Unless a student gets into one of the few top universities, it is better to choose an acclaimed institute in India. “A good university in India counts much more than a foreign degree,” said Lakshmikanth.

A HR professional with a Bangalore-based firm echoes similar views: “It’s better for students to go in for a good or even an average university in India which is preferred by recruiters rather an average university abroad which does not add any value.”

Job prospects are diminishing abroad, with foreign governments supporting jobs for locals and tightening visa rules. Students like Ayaz Khan-who has completed his master’s in the US is struggling to find a job there and hoping to return to India.

Look for universities with hiring programmes

But still the count of students flying abroad to study continues to rise. Indian students are once again heading to Australia, with the perceived threat of physical violence having receded to a large extent. Indian students, according to an Australian Immigration Department report, top the list of visas granted in Australia.

To be on the safer side, Saigon tells students to go for institutes with good hiring programmes. Source: DNAINDIA


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Parallel pressures of 12th standard

career 12th

Each one of us is different and so are our capacities, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. We keep hearing this over and over again with no effect on our conscious mind. The story remains the same. Parents pressurize their children into competition, to ape someone or be like someone. While having its obvious benefit that it might boost confidence, it has far reaching long term negative consequences. These include development of jealousy, low self esteem, the need to always be right, thrust on winning always, poor performance, few friends, falling grades and the list is endless.

With the new age need to be an all rounder, parents push children into learning and knowing everything possible within their purview of possible wisdom. In their eyes, their children should score well, play well, dance well, debate well, present well and so on. This need puts additional pressure upon the child. In the link, parents forget the fact that, the way in which each one is different in their capacities and capabilities, each one of us is different in our strength to handle pressure and competition also. Some students might take off the ‘’being all rounder’’ pressure quite well, others might shrink within and might loose contact with their inherent, inborn capacity.

With board exams around the corner and parents planning looking for career options after 12th, this pressure building and pushing takes various forms and shapes in all families. I as a Career Counselor, would appeal to each parent out there whose child is about to appear for board exam to first understand your child. Your kid is not an aspiration fulfilling machine. Having expectation is one thing, and pressurizing them to meet over expectation is another. The only difference being in understanding what my child can do (actually capable of) and what I expect him/her to do.


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Choose The Right BA Course Through Resonant Career Advice

careerfutura-success-careerfuturaAcademic choices have got highly diversified in last decade, especially in countries like India where economic differentiation is emerging fast. There is demand for new professionals with refined skills and aptitudes to deliver as the specialists. Often people link such specializations with sciences and technology alone; however this is not true and we also find new BA courses in the frontline universities and institutions here. The new courses are a variegated spectrum and only if the student is aware of the emergent good choices, he could benefit tremendously. Often students make the mistake of choosing the age old traditional subjects that are less in demand and then end up with least value for them in the economy. Career counselling for choosing the right BA specialization could prove beneficial for the seekers. Dedicated portal offers personalized career guidance and career counselling to the seekers.


New BA specializations emergent

BA as a career stream is really vast and covers whole range of subjects and disciplines. The universities are adopting new curriculums that are very sophisticated and practical as for direct utility towards society and economy. These courses train the students in the arts disciplines which could be adopted as career. BA is considered good for getting into the teaching career at the university level and an aspirant after acquiring super specialization can qualify for the lecturer/associate professor positions that are considered prestigious and are also high on salaries. India is still short of teaching talent, especially for the new disciplines that universities are fast developing; and these institutions are hiring every year! However, one has to be ready with proven specializations through his certificates. At, one can get resonant career advice as regards the best BA streams to choose. The site rides upon a ready online network of subject experts and career counsellors who guide the aspirants.


Make out your value through the right BA course

It should be stated, that BA courses are more humanistic and analytical in nature. Often these disciplines have been misinterpreted as shallow! However, the reverse is true and a brilliant mind can make out real value out of the disciplines that could be as wide as literature and social sciences to politics, mathematics and psychology. Only the correct choice has to be made. Career counselling can be the good option because the experts are well experienced in the task of reading the inherent traits in any individual and then making the best suitable recommendations. Online career counselling portal offers career advice in a resonant manner.

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Become a Career Consultant And Serve People With Better Jobs And Career

career-counselorPeople are often confused about their interest and goals in career. With thousands of people in rat race, everybody chooses their based on the illusion of what others are doing. Here comes the role of counsellor, career advisor or a consultant. Become a Career Counsellor and help the students and people in making the right decision, choosing the right direction about finding the best career path for them instead of runningbehind the crowd. counsellor helps to assist the upcoming students who are confused to choose between various career options to get the idea about their interests, hidden talents and choose the path where they are passionate about their work not goal oriented about the outcomes.consultants are experts and professional in career transition, workforce development, and outplacement.

Who is a career consultant?

If you are thinking to become a consultant then it is really a great idea to serve the people with better future rather than joining a rat race among the blind crowd. A consultant is an expert and professional who serves other individuals with assessment and exploration, exploration of one’ self-passion, skill and interest and generates awareness about the various jobs with great scope in future. A career consultant has effective ways to conduct an assessment where individuals who are confused are served in the most efficient way to polish their skills, interest and explore their hidden talents by a productive, efficient and a goal oriented seminar. Developed places have the great demand of counsellors and thus help people getting educated rather than being trained to work as machines.


Are you a Good Trainer and a convincing advisor?

If you are good at convincing people and able to root hidden talents in them,become a advisor can serve you a great scope in today and upcoming future.advising requires a passionate person who is equipped with outstanding and extraordinary soft skills. For the individuals who are really messed up and uncertain about what to choose as the career option, consultants serve them a chance to make a stand and take the right decision for their entire life. Being a advisor you can help the individuals to acknowledge their passion, skills, talent and interest to identify the best suitable career for them.


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Professionals Benefiting Through Online Career Counselling

career-counselling-careerfuturaThe social economies are evolving fast and developing finer demands. We find pulls for niche services in the consumer arrays that are growing at a fast pace. The academics are responding through offering of new courses and curriculums so as to produce the professionals of desirable qualifications and aptitudes. Making the right choice at the correct time could be of great value for the students. However, these academic developments are swift paced and require the aspirants to remain informed in real time, if they want to leverage the opportunities. It is here that Career Counselling could be of vital help for the students who are at the juncture of making a choice of higher education. Those who have already acquired a particular orientation could also benefit through proper career advice & thus remain informed of the resonant super specializations of high demand.

Improve the professional value in you through career counselling

The traditional career choices are no longer relevant in the economy. Everywhere, there is demand for the skilled professionals who are adept in offering the desirable value to the work desk or functional process in the enterprise. This is because the industry and services sectors are trying to develop higher order competencies so as to respond to the demands and also as mark of competitive edge’ acquisition in the market. The academics and industry have come together to develop some dedicated training programs like in the form of ‘finishing schools’ and ‘talent development’ so as to groom the professionals as per their niche requirements.


The professionals can gain mileages in their chosen field of specialization by completing one or more such training through continuing education programs of relevance. They only need timely career guidance! offers career counselling for professionals & allows them to grow and optimize their value. This online network is far stretched and secures information about the new choices brewing at the professional horizons and thus keeps the ambitious seekers informed about the good passages to move up and ahead.

Dynamic career counselling for professionals

The professionals can really benefit through portals like by registering as a member and then getting updated about the opportunities in their field. This is online career counselling where there is no need to pool extra time and energies in scouting for the better options. Career switching and mid-life career change opportunities are also facilitated for the professionals who are getting weary of their current work profiles or finding discrepancies with their adopted specialization!

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How to Choose your Career Direction after 8th for a Dream Job

career change advice

Career for a class 8th student just means something they dream to become aware of the actual position, task, and interest. A class 8th student has some of the ideal or icons and each student claims to give a tough competition to their respective icons. But do you agree that what a small child of class 8th speaks can achieve? Yes, even their icon and idols were at the same stage. What these students actually need is proper career guidance for class 8 and a good career counselling for class 8. All these counselling and guidance can give them the right direction and even if they have no interest, they are at such a tender age that once these kids are properly guided they can bring a real big revolution.


Is career guidance for class 8th student’s right?

Will your child be able to compete against the tough world; this is one of the common tensions that every parent has. If the initiative of a proper career counselling for class 9thstudents is taken care of, then there is much greater probability that the child will not only become a successful professional and not only give a tough competition to their icon but will emerge as the best in his or her respective field. At this stage, a child knows nothing about profession but if the child is directed at right path then it will take no time for a dream to become an ambition and the ultimate goal of life.

8th for a Dream Job

Begin the race to take a stand and become a role model for others:        

Career guidance for class 8th students may sound a little strange but there is no shortcut to success. All the successful people have only one reason, i.e. they took a stand. They have their interest, talent, skills, caliber, potential and last but not the least, motive. A career counselling for class 9thand 8th can unleash the hidden potential and talent of the students to come forward as a role model for the whole world with their hard work and smartness. Occupational guidance will help them to develop their motive and goals, once they have a goal to achieve they will do everything to achieve it. And in the hidden mist of hard work and challenge, there lies the real success.

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Take Professional Career Guidance After 12th And Find The Right Answer To What To Do After 12th


The question of What to do After 12th is not just an extremely tough question for the students, but it is also the most and the only pertinent question for them at this stage of life. If the students are not able to decipher the correct answer for this question, then they might end up making wrong career choices and regret the same for the rest of their life. Thus, every student should opt for proper and professional Career Guidance After 12th, and through this guidance ensure that whatever career decision they make for themselves is the best decision for their whole life.

career 12th

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